Jilin Province Launches an Online Platform for the Epidemic Dynamic Data and Prevention & Control Services

Recently, in order to facilitate the public to check the epidemic dynamic data and obtain information like prevention and control services, Jilin provincial government website has launched an online platform for the COVID-19 epidemic dynamic data and prevention & control services.
The prevention and control services column consists of a variety of service information such as provincial health emergency services hotlines, the epidemic prevention and control consulting hotlines of all regions, fever clinic lists, designated hospital for medical treatment lists, business consulting hotlines and mail addresses of administration halls at all levels in Jilin province, and psychological support hotlines. The prevention and control knowledge column releases a variety of popular science knowledge and prevention notification provided by the state and Jilin provincial departments like health department and emergency management department. The platform also has other functions for the public such as online Health Declaration Form for inbound and outbound travelers and online service through which people can check whether they have had close contact with the infected patients.