Household Agencies of Public Security Departments in the Whole Jilin Province Roll out a Series of Non-Contact Service Measures

In order to actively fight against the COVID-19, from January 24th, the household agencies and the police stations in Jilin province have carried out a "online application, mail application, appointment application" work mode according to the unified deployment and requirements of the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department, which effectively meets the needs of household registration and identity card businesses during the epidemic prevention and control period, as well as avoids the gathering of personnel in public spaces to reduce the risk of cross infection.

The general household agency of Jilin Provincial Public Security Department will put all 19 high-frequency household registration businesses into Jilin "Internet + Public Security" comprehensive service platform. Applicants only need to log in the platform and then select business with identification numbers. The system can automatically verify information and complete business approval, and the paper certificate can be delivered to applicants. The household agencies make public the office telephone numbers of the police stations' household registration windows, get in touch with applicants in advance, check the materials and procedures, make schedules and provide point-to-point services. The household agencies of Jilin Provincial Public Security Department explain the highest-profile businesses, policies and regulations to applications through Weibo official accounts, WeChat official accounts and WeChat groups between police and citizens.
Up to now, Jilin province has handled more than 1300 household registration businesses, more than 5000 resident identity card businesses and more than 500 residence permit businesses through the Internet with 290 appointment services.