Guarantee the Supply of Daily Necessities in the Whole Jilin Province on a Larger Scale and at a Higher Level

409 companies of ensuring emergency supplies in Jilin province insist on remaining open, and the operating rate of the comprehensive supermarket reaches 82%. 106 stores of Ouya commercial chain increase the scale of reserve and the frequency of replenishment, and play a role of ensuring supplies. Ensure the supply of daily necessities for 492 stores in Changchun and surrounding cities. Many businesses launch "contactless" door-to-door delivery service themselves or in cooperation with others like Meituan.

Strengthen the dynamic monitoring of daily necessities, find and cope with problems in a timely manner. From the perspective of market supply of daily necessities, the operation is generally stable with steady inventory and reasonable price. From the perspective of the market situation of the Lantern Festival, the chain supermarkets like Ouya increase their reserve capacity for the festival, and the sales of glutinous rice ball, vegetables and meat boosted. 
In the process of material procurement and transport of ensuring supplies, provide priority allocation and smooth transport for the companies, and issue the certificate of ensuring supplies for more than 20 companies related to food, meat, dairy products, non-staple food, supermarket and e-commerce to ensure timely delivery of materials.
Changchun city and Jilin city timely put the winter and spring vegetables reserve on the market, replenish the inventory in time and give full play to the role of winter and spring vegetable reserve. Baishan city, Yanbian prefecture, Meihekou city and other cities increase the scale of vegetable procurement and enhance the ability of ensuring supplies to cope with emergency situations. Baicheng city promotes the work of ensuring supplies to upgrade and issues the "vehicle permit of the green channel of daily necessities in Baicheng city" with the public security department to makes every effort to ensure the safe and smooth transport of daily necessities.