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Catalogue of Competitive Industries
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1. The development and application of the water-saving irrigation and water-saving technology and conservation tillage technology
2. The breeding of broilers, geese, live pigs, cattle, sheep and deer and the processing of relevant products
3. The development and processing of ginseng, deer horns, mountain grapes, nuts, wild vegetables, mushrooms, forest frogs, oak silkworms, honey and other characteristic ecological food and drinks
4. The production of drinking natural mineral water (controlled by the Chinese party)
5. The development and comprehensive utilization of diatomite resources (excluding exploration and exploitation)
6. The textile and knitting of high-grade cotton, wool, linen, silk and chemical fibers and the processing and production of garment
7. The extraction of lignite waxes
8. The development, conservation and sustainable use of animal and plant medicine resources (except those restricted and prohibited in the "Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment industries")
9. The development and deep processing of the high-quality special-variety (super white, super thin, online Low-E, hollow and super thick) float glass technology
10. The production of carbon fiber precursors and carbon fibers, auxiliary materials, carbon fiber composite materials needed for production and its product production
11. The production of high-performance radial tires, including tubeless radial tires, low-profile and flat (less than 55 series) radial tires, high-performance large-rim sedan radial tires (15 inches or more), and aviation and agricultural radial tires
12. The development and production of medical equipment and key parts
13. Auto parts manufacturing: more than six-speed automatic gearboxes, commercial vehicle-used high-power density drive axles, the dynamic headlamp system, LED headlamps, lightweight materials applications (high-strength steel, aluminum-magnesium alloys, composite plastics, powder metallurgy, high-strength composite fibers, etc.), clutches, hydraulic shock absorbers, control disk assemblies and seats
14. The manufacturing of biomass power generation equipment (limited to joint ventures and cooperation)
15. The broadband services and value-added telecom services (limited to the framework of the country's WTO commitments)
16. Road passenger transport companies
17. The automobile finance service
18. The construction and operation of city gas, heat supply and water supply and drainage network (controlled by the Chinese party and suitable to cities with a population of above 500,000)
19. Medical and pension services institutions
20. The creation and production of animation (limited to cooperation in radio and television animation production business) and the development of derivative products
21. The development of ice and snow tourism resources and the construction and operation of ski resorts
22. The protection, development and operation of tourist attractions (spots) and the construction of their supporting facilities
23. The national competent investment authority-approved resource-exhausted cities' deep processing and continuous industry projects
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