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Investment Projects' Verification Application Contents
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(1) The project name, operating period and basic situation of investors;

(2) The project construction size, main construction contents and products, main technologies and processes adopted, products' target market, and the number of employees planned to be employed;

(3) The project site, demands for land, water, energy and other resources, and the quantity of major raw materials consumed;

(4) Environmental impact assessment;

(5) The price of public goods or services involved;

(6) The projects' total investment and registered capital, each investor's capital contribution, contribution way and financing plan, and equipment needing to be imported and the value;

The project application reported to the development and reform commission should be attached with the following documents.

(1) Chinese and foreign investors' enterprise registration certificates (business licenses), business registration certificates, latest audited corporate financial statements (including balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement), and capital credit certificates issued by account-opening banks;

(2) The letter of intent on investment and the board of directors' resolution on capital increase and merger and acquisition projects;

(3) The letter of intent on financing issued by banks;

(4) The position paper on environmental impact assessment issued by provincial or national competent administrative departments on environmental protection;

(5) The letter of intent on planning and site selection issued by the provincial planning department;

(6) The pre-position paper on project land issued by provincial or national land and resources management departments;

(7) For contributing with state-owned assets or land use rights, need the confirmation document from relevant competent authorities.

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