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Deeply implement support policies cleared by the "State Council's opinions on a number of major policy initiatives on supporting the revitalization of northeast China" (Guo Fa [2014] No.28) and "China's Tumen River Area Development Cooperation Plan – based on Changchun-Jilin-Tumen development and open-up pilot area", combine with the new situation and new requirements, and innovate in and improve the support policy system.

1. Fiscal policy

The country's relevant transfer and payment funds to Jilin Province and Jilin Province-arranged various funds should give priority to supporting the new zone construction in accordance with the relevant fund management approaches. On the basis of compliance with the land consolidation plan and project capital use scope, Jilin Province is allowed to follow the relevant fund use management regulations to arrange the provincial newly-added percentage-drawn construction land use fees and land transfer income in a coordinated way and support Changchun municipal government-organized and –implemented new zone land consolidation projects and urban infrastructure construction projects.

2. Financial policy

Encourage financial institutions meeting the conditions to set up branches and sub-branches in the new zone and support the new zone to set up private banks, village banks, industrial investment funds and venture capital funds according to law. Support development-based financial institutions to increase integrated financial support to the new zone. Support the new zone-located projects meeting the condition to apply for preferential loans from international financial organizations and foreign governments. Support the new zone to adopt a PPP mode, financial leasing and other ways to promote its construction. Support the new zone-based enterprises meeting the condition to expand their financing channels via marketing or issuing enterprise (company) bonds, non-financial corporate debt financing instruments, insurance asset management products, trust plans, etc.

3. Land policy

Jilin Province's land use indicators give priority to guaranteeing the new zone's reasonable demand for land, separately list the construction land used for the new zone, and solve the requisition-compensation balance of arable land within the scope of the new zone across the province in a coordinated way. Under the premise of strict protection of arable land, intensive land use and compliance with the overall land use plan, implement comprehensive management and protection of the quantity and quality of cultivated land, encourage the new zone to carry out comprehensive development and utilization of land, and allow the new zone to take the first to pilot in land preparation and use and other aspects. Support the new zone to explore to pilot "leasing before selling" for industrial land, linking the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land and reclaiming and using abandoned industrial and mining land.

4. Industrial policy

Innovate in the export-oriented industrial development mechanism and give support to cross-border transportation, customs clearance facilitation and other aspects. Jilin Province guides key industrial projects to settle and deploy in the new zone and give a policy support. Building Changchun new zone well has important significance for accelerating the "One Belt and One Road" construction and the new round of revitalization of northeast China and other old industrial bases and deepening the Tumen River regional co-development. All parties concerned must unify thinking, closely cooperate, dare to innovate, work solidly and work together to promote the sustained and healthy development of Changchun new zone.

Preferential policy

Highlight the development of private economy.

● Broaden access areas and conditions

Adhere to "allowing those not forbidden to enter" and encourage private enterprises to enter basic industries, infrastructure, public utilities, social undertakings, affordable housing and other construction as well as financial services, social services and other areas. Allow enterprises to contribute with intellectual property rights, land use rights, equities, bonds, forest rights, etc. to be able to account for 70% of total registered capital.

Except industries for which the laws and regulations have special provisions for their premises, with consent of interested behavior counterparts, residential houses are allowed to be used as premises. Support individual industrial and commercial households to upgrade to enterprises and use the original name under the premise of not duplicating.

● Encourage all people to start an undertaking

For enterprises initiated under investment solicitation and by returned Jilin people and new enterprises established in the province, since they come into production or start operation, the same-level financial department is required to arrange a financial support to them within two years.

Support the construction of development zones and parks and encourage the development of characteristic leading industrial clusters and public service platforms and give a special financial support. For newly-established enterprises in bases and parks, according to their contribution to the government, allow the same-level financial department to give a financial support within three years.

Encourage chambers of commerce, associations and other social organizations and trade unions, the communist youth leagues, women's federations and other mass organizations to serve all-people entrepreneurship and development. Governments at all levels should support with special funds.

● Support scientific and technological innovation

Encourage enterprises to merge foreign advanced science and technology enterprises and employ foreign experts. Identified by provincial competent departments, 10% of the government-awarded merger and acquisition fund and employment fees are subsidized by the provincial and local governments from corresponding special funds.

Vigorously promote the market orientation of technological resources. Encourage universities and colleges, research institutes and large enterprises to open laboratories and other professional and technical services resources and allow the same-level financial department to give a financial support based on the contribution of their foreign service revenue to the local government within five years.

Support the construction of enterprise technology centers and public science and technology service platforms; for those reaching the above provincial standard, the provincial special funds will give subsidies and enterprise-located governments should give a coordinative support.

Encourage job invention presiders and important participants to buy a stake with technology investments, which can be handled by the local government in a way of awarding or pre-borrowing funds, and the pre-borrowed funds can be gradually repaid by the stake dividends. For individuals making special contributions and the country and province's first equipment R & D persons, the local government can award them by contributions made by them.

● Foster and develop the market

Governments at all levels should support enterprises to use a variety of platforms to develop new markets and give booth fees and meeting cost subsidies to enterprises organizing to participate in domestic and international famous exhibitions; support and foster modern service gathering areas, headquarters buildings, building economy and other physical markets and give a special financial support; encourage enterprises to create brand names and trademarks and give awards to newly-recognized Chinese famous enterprises and Chinese well-known trademark enterprises.

● Strengthen financial services

Support private enterprises to list and issue bonds. For newly-listed enterprises and bond issuance companies, governments at all levels should give financial subsidies.

Play the role of all types of investment funds well and support the development of private economy. For enterprises making big contributions to localities, the same-level government should give appropriate incentives.

Vigorously develop small loan companies and village banks. Small loan companies' largest shareholders or main sponsors' stake can be raised to 50%, while those with registered capital of more than RMB 500 million are not subject to this limit. Support well-running small loan companies to set up branches and sub-branches and list.

Guide financial institutions to support private enterprises to borrow loans. For those with the current-year loan balance growing more than 10% over the previous year, the local government should give certain incentives.

Accelerate the development of the service industry

● Promote the market to open to the outside

Allow the service industry not explicitly banning the entry of foreign capital according to the national laws and regulations, including communications, transportation and other infrastructure as well as financial industry, logistics and other modern services, to open to foreign capital and social capital; support social forces to run schools and non-profit medical institutions according to law.

Improve the public service pricing mechanism and gradually narrow the scope of government pricing for areas able to provide products and services at competitive prices.

Take the initiative to integrate into the country's "One Belt and One Road" strategy, focus on docking with Sino-South Korea free trade zone, accelerate building service trade parks in Changchun, Jilin, Yanbian and other places, promote the development of service outsourcing and promote cooperation in Northeast Asia; all foreign service parks approved by the provincial government will enjoy policies for provincial development zones.

● Strengthen element support

In accordance with the overall land use plan, give priority to arranging the service industry construction land indicators.

Implement the public welfare service industry land allocation policy and allow health care, pension, culture, sports and other non-profit projects to enjoy the government's land allocation policy; supply land to water conservation, new energy development, environmental protection, pollution control, communications facilities and other projects in a purpose of land for public utilities, allocate land to those tallying with the "allocation land directory" and supply compensable-use land to SMEs in a way of leasing.

Strictly implement the same-price policy for the service industry in using water, electricity, gas and heat as the industry; the same-price policy for the pension service industry in using water, electricity, gas and heat as residential living; give a preferential electricity price support to cloud computing, big data and other projects.

Vigorously develop the human resources service industry, create human resource services industry parks at all levels and encourage social capital to actively participate; for key training bases, the provincial, municipal and county governments should give financial subsidies; for leading talents in the service industry, the local government can give an appropriate proportion of rewards according to their contributions; services institutions, when introducing into high-level talents in shortage, can apply for ad hoc posts to employ; implement the country's requirement on reducing the social insurance rate, moderately reduce the province's unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance rate, and reduce the amount of payment.

Reasonably adjust tax policies within the provincial competence and moderately reduce the tax burden on the service industry; allow newly-established service companies to exempt from personal use property and land property taxes and urban land use taxes for two years; allow newly-established service industry enterprises in the provincial modern service industry gathering zone to exempt from personal use property and land property taxes and urban land use taxes for three years; newly-established service industry enterprises located in self-owned residential houses, for which the original registered housing purpose keeps unchanged, will be exempt from property taxes for two years; levy the existing administrative fees on service industry enterprises according to the lower standard.

The provincial special fund for the service industry development is expanded to RMB 500 million in 2016, will grow year by year and supports key projects in the service industry in a way of financial subsidies, loan discounts, etc.; relax limits for light asset service industry projects to apply for the government fund-based land (houses).

Accelerate streamlining government and delegating authorities, reducing administrative examination and approval, and implement "four lists and one net".

Deepen the commercial system reform and relax limits on the registration conditions of premises for service industry enterprises.

● Promote breakthroughs in key areas

Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional consumption services and guide the rapid growth of emerging consumption services.

Promote the production service industry system construction and support the industrial chain to extend to two ends, research and development and sales. Encourage the transformation of scientific research achievements in the province and award not less than 70% of the transformation proceeds to researchers (teams).

Speed up the development of the big data industry and support the construction of data centers, operations centers, disaster recovery centers and call centers; cloud computing and big data companies can be given priority to applying to be high-tech enterprises and are included into the scope of "direct electricity purchase pilot for big electricity consumers"; establish a special management institution on big data, promote the opening and sharing of government data resources and improve the data security system.

Accelerate developing and improving the financial market system. Vigorously develop the capital market and promote service industry companies to list to finance.

Accelerate the establishment of a convenient and efficient logistics system with a rational layout and advanced technology. For logistics companies appraised to be 4A and 5A companies for the first time, give awards of RMB 500,000 and RMB 1 million, respectively; mainly support the development of national trailer transport pilot companies and promote the urban distribution pilot demonstration.

Promote the tourism industry to accelerate development. Grant one-time subsidies of RMB 2 million to newly-added 5A-level scenic spots and give subsidies to 3A- and above-level tourist attractions' highways according to the grade. Make use of barren hills, wasteland, waste slopes and saline and alkaline land to develop tourism, health, pension and other business services projects and sell land to those tallying with the overall land use plan at the lowest price standard of industrial land.

Enhance the cultural industry's core competitiveness. Give certain incentives to original fine works winning international and national important awards.

●Implement key initiatives

Develop backbone service industry enterprises to be big and strong. Give one-time subsidies of RMB 1 million to service industry enterprises with annual sales of over RMB 10 billion for the first time; give one-time subsidies of RMB 3 million to enterprises entering China's top 500 service industry companies for the first time; give one-time financial subsidies to large-scale and above-designated-size service industry enterprises newly included into the library.

Deepen "Jilin Province top ten service industry brands selection" and award RMB 200,000 to brands squeezing into the list a year; deepen "Jilin Province top ten service industry trademark selection" and give awards of RMB 200,000 to trademarks squeezing into the list a year; give awards of RMB 200,000 to famous trademarks in the service industry newly recognized by the country.

Carry out the manufacturing's service-oriented pilot. Encourage industrial enterprises to peel off non-major business and give priority to recognizing production service gathering areas as provincial modern service industry gathering areas. Accelerate the rural e-commerce development, assess 10 "e-commerce towns" and 100 "e-commerce villages" a year and grant subsidies of RMB 300,000 a town and RMB 100,000 a village.

Preferential policy for talent introduction

●Financial subsidy

For talents initiating science and technology enterprises, the provincial financial department will give financial subsidies of RMB 1 million per person; for innovation talents and modern service industry talents, give financial subsidies of RMB 500,000 per person (team).

Talents selected into the country's "1,000-person plan" will additionally enjoy subsidies of RMB 500,000 to RMB 1 million per person from the central finance.

For introduced talents engaging in scientific and technological development projects, after demonstrated, verified and approved and in accordance with the project investment demands, the enterprise-settled parks will, in a way of providing venture capital, guaranteed loans, etc., coordinate and provide not less than RMB 1 million venture capital.

● Tax incentives

Support funds given to talent introduction are regarded as provincial awards and are exempted from personal income taxes according to the relevant provisions.

● Entrepreneurial support

For creating science and technology enterprises, the settled parks will provide not less than 200 square meters of workplaces and not less than 150 square meters of housing and the enterprises will be exempted from rent for three years.

Intellectual property rights that are used to buy a stake can be priced at 70% of companies' registered capital at most.

While carrying out industrialized and large-sized production of products researched and developed by talents introduced can apply for the scientific and technological achievement transformation funds in accordance with the relevant provisions; for projects tallying with the provisions, grant RMB 3 million loan interest subsidy-based loans within three years.

Give priority to recommending research and development and scientific achievement transformation projects led by talents introduced by the national science and technology plan and various provincial science and technology plans; give priority to recommending introduced talents' projects to domestic financial institutions and venture capital firms.

● Living condition

In accordance with national and provincial policies, appropriately resolve the household registration, insurance, tax, spouses placement, children schooling and other problems for talents introduced.

Profitable institutions and enterprises will give subsidies in housing, medical care, insurance and other aspects to talents for special needs and making a significant contribution and can determine the amount of subsidies on their own.

Enterprise-introduced talents' housing subsidies, settlement allowance and scientific research fees can be included into the cost accounting.

● Recognition and awards

Give priority to recommending experts making outstanding contributions to the country, people enjoying the State Council's special allowance and provincial senior experts and actively recommend them as candidates for CAS and CAE academicians.

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