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Economic development
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Economic development 

In 2015, the revitalization and development of Jilin has made new achievements. The province's GDP reached RMB 1.42741 trillion, growing 6.5%, the largest growth in the northeast region. Industrial enterprises above the designated size recorded added value of RMB 605.46 billion, growing 5.3%. Fixed-asset investments reached RMB 1.27043 trillion, growing 12%, taking a leading position in the northeast region. Total retail sales of social consumer goods reached RMB 664.65 billion, growing 9.3% year on year. The private economy's main business income reached RMB 3.26342 trillion, growing 8.8%. The opening up made a big breakthrough and the province's import and export value totaled USD 18.938 billion, down 28.2% year on year. The province's actually-used foreign capital reached USD 8.572 billion, growing 12% year on year. Actually-used capital from places outside the province reached RMB 682.983 billion, growing 16.1% year on year. By the end of 2015, the number of countries (regions) coming to Jilin Province to set up enterprises numbered 76. Foreign investments were mainly from Hong Kong, Germany, Korea, Japan, the United States, Singapore, the Netherlands, etc.


Local GDP and its growth rate from 2011 to 2015


Added value of industrial enterprises above the designated size and its growth rate in 2015


Total imports and exports from 2011 to 2015


Regional strategic layout

The east green transformation and development area is planned to include Tonghua, Baishan, Yanbian, and Jilin's Huadian City and Panshi City and consist of 23 counties (cities and districts) (including Changbai Mountain Protection Development). Adhere to giving equal attention to development and protection and implement five projects, internal and external connection, ecological restoration and conservation, green industry, border open-up and great tourism. Promote internal channel- and external land and sea transport route-based infrastructure construction and build the southeast-ring fast rail network and highway network. Vigorously develop green food, animal and plant health products, natural medicines and other green products, promote the sustainable use of mineral resources and deep processing of animal and plant resources, orderly develop mineral products, promote the cluster development of industries, and build a green industrial system. Further smoothen channels to the outside, vigorously develop border trade, build export bases on medicines, wood products, nuts, ginseng, and other new building materials, increase imports of aquatic products, wood, coal, fuel oil, natural gas and other resources, and strengthen economic cooperation and technical exchanges with Northeast Asian countries. Integrate tourism resources in the east area, foster high-quality tourist routes and build a large travel pattern.

The central core area of innovation and transformation is planned to include Changchun, Jilin, Liaoyuan, Siping and other areas. Strengthen science and technology's integration with the market and innovation's docking with industries and form a mode of supporting and leading economic development with innovation. Build Changchun new zone, Changchun-Jilin industrial innovation development demonstration area, Changchun national independent innovation demonstration zone, Jilin scientific and technological innovation city and other innovation platforms and carriers, promote innovation resources and achievements to gather to and transform in enterprises and parks, build industrial innovation chains on new energy vehicles, rail passenger vehicles, optoelectronics, medicines and health, big data, bio-chemicals, culture, etc. and form new economic growth points. Rely on traffic axes' key industrial parks, accelerate industries' upstream and downstream convergence, and foster and develop new economic corridors, such as Changchun-Jilin, Changchun-Siping, Changchun-Liaoyuan and Changchun-Songyuan. Create innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial development, urbanization, open cooperation and other regional heights, promote the industry to transform to be high-end, smart and green, the agriculture to transform to be large, high-quality and efficient, the service industry to transform to be modern, cluster and cooperative, and cities to transform to be green, smart and humane, foster industrial clusters with annual output value of above RMB 1 trillion, such as auto and agricultural product processing, work together to build industrial clusters with annual output value of above RMB 100 billion, such as special vehicles, heat exchangers and textile and hosiery, and form a new growth pole.

The west ecological economic zone is planned to include Baicheng, Songyuan, Changchun's Nong'an County, and Siping's Shuangliao City and consist of 12 counties (cities and districts), covering a land area of 55,000 square kilometers. Adhere to both repair and construction, implement river and lake connectivity, afforestation, anti-desertification, soil and water conservation and other major projects, develop high-value and efficient ecological agriculture and characteristic industries, and build an ecological barrier in west Jilin Province. Establish an efficient eco-industrial system, expand the sown area of forages and grains, build national fine livestock and characteristic green product production bases and export bases, vigorously develop green agricultural products processing, oil and gas mining and processing, clean energy, equipment manufacturing, biomedicines, ecotourism and other competitive industries.

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