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Traffic Overview in Tonghua City
2011/04/18     Source:

I. External Traffic

1. Aviation: Tonghua Liuhe Airport is under construction.

2.Railway: Shenyang-Jilin Railway, Meihekou-Ji’an Railway, and Yayuan-Dalizi Railway crisscross in Donghua City. Tonghua-Dandong Railway will be completed and open to traffic in 2011. Besides, East Tonghua Station located at Erdaojiang District in East Tonghua City is about eight kilometers away from the downtown and facilities people that come to surrounding suburbs and counties. Railway Station Service Tel: 0435-3617233

3. Road: The Passenger Coach Station and Railway Station in Tonghua are located in on the same street (Jianshe Street). The distance between the two stations is about 300 meters. Passenger Station Tel: 0435-3617233

II.Internal Traffic

1. Bus: There are over 40 bus routines in Tonghua Urban Area, covering most of the urban area and surrounding suburbs and counties,which is very convenient.

2. Taxi: The initiate rate of taxies in Tonghua Urban Area is RMB 6. The taxi charges by running the meter and stops once you wave hands.

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