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Traffic Overview in Changchun City
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I.External Traffic

1.Aviation: Longjia Airport is 35 kilometers away from the downtown. It will take about RMB 80 from the airport to the downtown by taxi. There are airport buses from Minhang Hotel (Civil Aviation Hotel) (NO. 480, Jiefang Road) to the airport from 6:00 to 18:0 every day. The buses depart on the hour once every hour and the fare is RMB 20 each seat.

2.Railway: Changchun connects with Harbin City in north and Shenyang City in north. It is a central city in three Northeast China provinces and an important traffic and communication hub and a logistics center in Northeast China. There are railways from Changchun to each place within and outside the province.

3.Road: By the end of 2010, the mileage of roads in the city has arrived at 20,052.938 kilometers. Changchun connects with surrounding major cities and each county (city) with high-grade roads. The road transport is convenient.

II.Internal Traffic

1.Bus: There are 138 bus routines currently. The fare for buses, all of which are card-swiping and self-service coin-dropping buses, is RMB 1 a person; special vehicles are provided, for which the fare changes along with the mileage. Get details by calling bus hotline: 0431-88972475.

2. Taxi: The number of retained taxies in Changchun City surpasses 15,000. The initiate rate is RMB 5 for a distance of within and equivalent to 2.5 kilometers; after surpassing the distance, RMB 1.3 is charged for every kilometer. Taxi Inquiry Tel: 0431-87691234

3. Tourist Bus: There is a city tour bus route 160 that can directly reach the Jingyuetan National Forest Park. A light rail circling the city is opened, departing from the Railway Station to directly reach the Changchun Film Century City.

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