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Traffic Overview in Siping City
2011/04/18     Source:

I. External Traffic

1. Railway: The interchange of Harbin-Dalian, Qiqihar-Siping, and Siping-Meihekou railways is in the urban district. Siping Station is one of 38 marshalling yards in the nation.

2. Road: The roads in Siping City crisscross. Beijing-Harbin State Road and Ji’an-Xilin Hot State Road traverse the urban district. Changchun-Shenyang speedway passes through Siping. It takes merely 70 minutes from Siping to Changchun Airport and less than two hours to Shenyang Airport.

II. Internal Traffic

1. Bus: The road system in Siping is developed. There are a total of 16 buses that can reach any place in the urban district. The fare is RMB 1 a person for city buses and RMB 2 to RMB 3 for father places. The earliest buses depart at 6:00 and the latest buses end at 18:00.

2. Taxi: The initial rate of city taxies is RMB 5. The fare is negotiable for farther distances.

3. Tourist Bus: The No. 5 route bus can directly reach Erlang Mountain Scenic Are and Shanmen Scenic Area.

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