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Traffic Overview in Songyuan City
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I. External Traffic

1. Aviation: Currently, the site of airport in Songyuan City has been selected, and the airport is under planning. Drive along Hunchun-Ulan Hot speedway for 190 kilometers to reach Changchun Longjia Airport and drive along State Road 301 and Changchun-Harbin Speedway northward for 200 kilometers to reach Harbin Taiping Airport.

2. Railway: The Railway Station in Songyuan City is located in the interchange between Jianhua Road and Wulan Road, opening passenger trains access to places within Songyuan City and surrounding places. This facilitates tourists that come to Songyuan. Songyuan Railway Station Tel:0438-6116322;

3. Road: Total mileage of roads in Songyuan City arrives at 11,085 kilometers. There are passenger coaches that are access to large- and medium-size cities, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin, and Dalian, within the city. Songyuan City Passenger Station Tel: 0438-2200114

II. Internal Traffic

1. City Bus: The bus system is developed in Songyuan City. There are multiplied bus routes. The fare for city buses is RMB 1 a person and RMB 1.5 a person when passing the river. The earliest bus departs at 5:30, and the latest bus ends at 20:00.

2. Taxi: The initiate rate for taxies in Songyuan City is RMB 5 for a distance within or equivalent to 2.5 kilometers; after exceeding the distance, RMB 1.5 is charged for every kilometer. There are a total of 2,177 taxies in the city, able to meet the travel needs basically. Taxi Service Tel: 0438-3134628.

3.Tourist Bus: There are tourist buses access to major scenic areas such as Chagan Lake, Longhua Temple, and Empress Xiao Zhuang's Tomb.

4. Self-driving: You can reach Songyuan in four directions, Changchun (State Road G302, Hunchun- Ulan Hot speedway, or exit of Chagan Lake), Harbin (Fuyu exit of Beijing-Harbin Speedway), Baicheng (State Road G302, Songhuan exit of Hunchun- Ulan Hot speedway, or exit of Chagan Lake), and Daqing (State Road G302 or Songyuan exit of Daqing-Guangzhou).

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