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Traffic Overview in Baicheng City
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I. External Traffic

1. Railway: The Railway Station in Baicheng City is located on Liaobei Road, having trains access to several large and medium-sized cities within and outside the province. Train Inquiry Tel:  0436-6122422(6122832)

2. Road: The Passenger Station in Baicheng City is located on Liaobei Road, having buses access to each county and lower-level city within Baicheng, the capital city of the province, and neighboring provinces, cities, and prefectures.

 II. Internal Traffic

1. Bus: The bus system in Baicheng City is developed and there are Route 22 passenger buses in the city with an average fare of RMB 1 a person. Bus Company Tel: 0436-6105403(6105413)

 2. Taxi: Taxies spread all over the city with an initiate rate of RMB 5. Taxi Ordering Tel: 0436-3248027,0436-5085563,0436-3251114

3. Tourist Bus

1) Round trip between Changchun and Xianghai

Changchun to Xianghai: Kaixuan Road Passenger Station at 06:30;

Xianghai to Changchun: Xianghai Village at 14:30;

2) Round trip between Tongyu and Xianghai

Tongyu to Xianghai: 06:00 to 16:00;

Xianghai to Tongyu: 05:30 to 15:00

3) Round trip between Changchun and Da’an

Changchun to Da’an: Kaixuan Road Passenger Station from 13:00 to 18:00, once every one hour;

Da’an to Changchun: Da’an City Passenger Station from 12:50 to 14:40

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