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Tourist Commodities in Siping City
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1. Embroidery

The main manufacturer is the city Embroidery Factory, producing a variety of products such as handkerchiefs, aprons, table cloth, quilt, and clothing. The products, with fine embroidery, novel designs, and appropriate colors, can be designed and processed according to the requirements of users and have been exported to dozens of countries and regions.

2. Wicker Weaving

Locally produced wickers are the raw material that are peeled, processed, and woven to be wicker weaving products. The products have different shapes and specifications, including baskets, crates, and plates, and most products adopt the natural color of wickers after peeled. Some may be drawn colorful paintings. It is delicate decorations as well as daily necessities, and the best-selling products in the international market.

3. Carpet

The carpets, with wool as the main raw material, are knitted ​​by hands or machines, with good quality, beautiful patterns, and fine production. Particularly, the hand-woven carpets by male workers at Shuangliao County Carpet Factory are well-known as they are dense, strong, beautiful and durable. The carpets are favored by domestic and foreign consumers.

4. Jade Engraving

The artworks by the youth engraving artist Sun Wenli are the representative of jade engraving. The materials are a variety of raw jade. Jade engraving works have various art forms and lifelike images such as flowers, trees, and animals, with delicate handcraft skills. Locally produced arts and crafts also include calligraphies and paintings, glass products, clay sculptures, and steel and wood furniture.

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