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Tourist Commodities in Liaoyuan City
2011/04/22     Source:

1.Dongfeng Peasant Painting

Dongfeng Peasant Painting is the most representative folk art form in Liaoyuan City. Up to 107pieces of works of art were collected by the National Art Museum of China, 138 pieces of works have won national awards, 272 pieces of works gained provincial honors, 894 pieces of works were published in above provincial presses, and 232 pieces of works were selected to be exhibited in the United Nations and countries such as Japan, South Korea, Canada and Argentina.

2. Dongliao County Peace Gourd Carving

Painting on a gourd initiates from an ancient legend. To make a gourd be an artwork first appeared in the Ming Dynasty and was popular in the Qing Dynasty. In recent years, a new generation, with Jian’an High School Teacher Zhao Wenxiu as a representative, has built the gourd art into an industry so that the gourd carving art with strong local characteristics is re-focused by people.

3. Shajin Wood Carving

Shajin Wood Carving is a strict handcraft with very high requirements for operators, and is well-designed, elaborately-conceived, and carved with the refined and well-crafted carving skills. It, on basis of the material high-quality wood in Changbai Mountain, generally describes a beautiful life scene and therefore is favored by all walks of life.

4.Manchu Folk Paper-cut

The Manchu Folk Paper-cut, created by Bai Chongren, a folk artist in Dongliao County, Liaoyuan City, ever won national awards for four times, provincial awards for five times, and city-level awards for 87 times. He ever attended the World Folk Art Competition and won the Excellence Award for his works. Many of his works were collected by foreigners.

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