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Tourist Commodities in Tonghua City
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1. National Intangible Cultural Heritage - Changbai Mountain Manchu Pillow Embroidery and Manchu Paper-cutting

  Changbai Mountain Manchu Pillow Embroidery and Manchu Paper-cutting are assessed as national intangible cultural heritage by the State Council in 2008. Manchu Paper-cutting initiated at the end of Ming Dynasty, and through hundreds of years of development, Manchu folk paper-cutting has become a folk art with a certain influence at home and abroad. The works is rich in content, with a natural, simple, unique and rough style, mainly performing Manchu traditional lifestyles and customs such as digging ginseng, hunting, and rafting. The structure and layout is dominantly embodied by the contract between large-scale white and red, and the face of characters mainly adopts a Yang-cut way (red face). It is widely popular in Jilin Province, especially in areas at the foot of Changbai Mountain such as Tonghua. Tonghua has become a veritable “hometown of Manchu paper-cutting”

Manchu pillow top embroidery, with many varieties, fine embroidery, wonderful ideas, and florid colors, shows the concept, faith, and respect of shamanism. Most are embroideries 60 to 70 years ago, so they are rare shaman artworks and have very high aesthetic value.

2. Tonghua · Jilin – Hometown of Songhua Ink Stone

Songhua Ink Stone initiated at the end of Ming Dynasty and was popular in Qing Dynasty. Since the advent, it has been hidden in the imperial palace and highly praised by all emperors in Qing Dynasty. At the end of 1990s, Songhua Ink Stone was identified by the nation as one of top ten famous ink stones in contemporary China. Songhua Ink Stone has attracted concerns by virtue of its strange and noble life experience. With the vigorous development of tourism in Tonghua, to meet the aspirations of tourists, series tourist products concerning Songhua Ink Stone, such as “tourism ink stone” and “accompanying ink stone” have been developed. Meanwhile, Tonghua has been a veritable “hometown of Songhua Ink Stone” as the ink stone initiated, became famous, and has developed in the city.

3. China Well-known Brand and Trademark – Tonghua Wine

 Tonghua Wine is the only well-known brand and trademark named with the name of a city in China, and has passed the identification to be a protected country of origin product. In recent years, on basis of the rapid development of tourism in Tonghua, “Tonghua” brand wine has successfully launched a series of tourist products with “eight-petal lotus” logos, widely recognized by the market and a wide range of tourists.

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