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Tourist Commodities in Baishan City
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1. Songhua Stone Tea Tray

Songhua Stone also is known as “Songhua River Stone” and “Songhua Jade” and is famous for the production in Songhua River basin. Songhua Stone is green and peak green and let people feel it green and flawless, peak green and pure, and as moist as jade. Songhua Stone Tea Tray (tea boat) is modeled based on the material, and the skill is used according to the model. Uniform lines, neat edges, and clear themes are unique carving style of Songhua Stone Tea Tray. The carving is extremely rich in contents, such as dark green pines and emerald green cypresses, green bamboos and red plums, floating clouds and flowing water, sea and moon, mountains and water and flowers, dragons and phoenixes, flying cranes, myths and legends, and historical stories.

2. Changbai Stone Carving

Changbai Stone Carving is a pure stone artifact. Different crafts will be carved depending on the stones and the colors. Changbai Stone Carving won the gold medal at the first exhibition of tourist commodities and souvenirs in Jilin Province.

3. American Ginseng  

American Ginseng, also known as Panaxquinguefolium, is a valuable tonic drug with special medical value. American ginseng is cold, bitter, and good for lung-fluid, cleans up deficiency fire, and helps producing saliva and slaking thirst and is commonly used in the treatment of lung deficiency, long coughing, bleeding and dry pharynx, thirst, and deficiency-heat and weariness. As the drug efficacy is gentle, the drug is popularly welcomed by patients. American Ginseng is natively produced in southeast Canada and east America. Since the successful introduction into China in 1980, the American Ginseng has developed rapidly. Through nearly 20 years of development, Baishan City has become a main producing area of American Ginseng in China. Jingyu County is named “China’s hometown of American Ginseng” and “seed source base” by the nation.

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