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Tourist Commodities in Songyuan City
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1. Chagan Lake Bighead Carp

Bighead carp, with the scientific name Aristichthys nobilis and also called spotted silver carp, is named due to the big head. It lives in upper water and is rather docile, mainly eating water zooplankton and also eating phytoplankton, and is suitable for stocking at large lakes and reservoirs. Chagan Lake bighead carp grows under a pure natural state and does not feed with any bait, and there is not any fertilizer and pesticide applied in the lake. It tastes delicious and pure and fat but not greasy, with tender meat and fat body. In May 2001, Chagan Lake bighead carp won the food Class A certification from China Green Food Development Center. In November 2002, it won the Class AA certificate and the license to use green food logo so as to become the first one winning the green food Class AA certificate in Songyuan City as well as the first freshwater fish winning green food Class AA certificate in the nation.

2. “Songlian Brand” Lianhua (Lotus) Rice – China No. 1 Green Food

 “Songlian” brand rice, produced by Lianhuapao Farm, is the No.1 green food in China. It was identified as “Jilin well-known brand” product by the provincial government of Jilin in July 1999 and the gold-prize product at China Changchun International Agriculture and Food Fair (Trade) in 2000. Identified by the provincial bureau of industry and commerce in September 2000, the “Songlian” trademark used in related products such as the rice is assessed to be a Jilin Province well-known trademark. “Songlian” brand series products, through several testing by China Green Food Development Center, have reached and been superior to the required standards of the center by ecological environment indicators and other indicators, and are ideal nutritious food. The products, as designated products of the Beijing Asian Games in 1990, were exhibited in Beijing to win “China No.1 Green Food” certificate.

3. Chagan Lake Fish Bone Painting

Without any change, paste fish bones with different shapes and sizes in a canvas, draw according to the shape of fish bones, and organize the painting by meanings to form a fish bone painting. The plate to counteract evil force in the fish bone painting is created based on the folk totem, Evil Counteracting Animal. The animal is a spirit animal in ancient Chinese legends and can ward off evils. Fish bones are considered to be an auspicious object of the Buddhist. Fish bone painting, combing the two, can exorcise evil spirits and keep a family peaceful, happy, and lucky.

 4.“Chagan Flavor” Air-dried Jerky

Air-dried jerky produced by Songyuan City Chagan Lake Specialty Products Marketing Company is one of food with the most Mongolia characteristics. It is made with a large amount of fresh beef of grassland cattle, with top grade flavor and very rich nutrition, warmly favored by a wide range of consumers, and the best gift for friends and relatives.

5. Sanqingshan Vermicelli

Sanqingshan Vermicelli, with a history of over 200 years, is a “Jilin well-known brand” product and a well-known brand product at the China International Agricultural Expo. Sanqingshan Vermicelli is white, delicious and tasty, has good resistance to stew, and is rich in a variety of trace elements essential for human body. It is a low-fat food, delicious food on the table, and a top-grade gift for friends and relatives.

6. Silihong Peanut

Silihong Peanut, with scarlet seed coat, uniform size, good grain quality, and good taste, is rich in inorganic salts essential for human body, such as vitamin E, calcium, zinc, iron and strontium and has an effect to lower cholesterol, prevent from arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure, invigorate spleen and strengthen stomach, with rich nutrition. Fuyu County is the largest Silihong peanut production base in Northeast China, takes the second place among all counties in the nation by the planting area, and is listed to be a protected peanut source area.

7.Fuyu Vinegar

Fuyu Vinegar, initiating at the beginning of the Republic of China, is identified as “China's geographical indication” trademark by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce and the first national brand in Songyuan City. Based on the original traditional process, Fuyu Vinegar also introduces into other methods and techniques, such as solid-state fermentation and brewing method from Shanxi Province and hot water spray technique, not only achieving a high-temperature sterilization effect, but also forming its own unique flavor. The product, with unique flavor, tastes mellow, incense and acid and is deeply favored by a wide range of people. Whenever a visitor comes to Songyuan or a local people visit relatives and friends in other places, the product is a preferred gift.

8. “Hada Mountain” Series Liquor

"Hada Mountain” brand series liquor is made with high-quality sorghum in Northeast China and high-quality rice in Qian Goros as materials and multi- enzymes and yeasts of Luzhou Daqu as the fermentation agents. Artificially foster cellar mud withacetic acid bacteria, and after a fermentation period of 30 days, adopts the method to draw liquor by phases and storing by classification. Store liquor with traditional wooden wine storage tanker, of which the internal is pasted with mulberry paper and the external is coated with pig blood to keep the original taste of the liquor, after careful blending, store it for two months and bottle it, and then it can leave the factory. The liquor, with glycol vinosity and lingering taste, owns the strong flavor of Luzhou Daqu and the usual mellow of wine in Northeast China.

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