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Tourist Commodities in Baicheng City
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1. Xianghai Duck Egg

Xianghai duck eggs are laid by wild ducks. Many kinds of wild animals will settle in the Xianghai Wetland every year. Xianghai duck eggs are checked and inspected by the quality inspection and quarantine department and applied for a patent, so the eggs are safe for eating. Annual sales volume of Xianghai duck eggs are very high every year and can reach about 1 million.

2. Tongyu New Year Picture

Tongyu New Year Picture is well-known nationwide. Initiating late Qing Dynasty, Tongyu New Year Picture has gone through more than 100 years, is passed on by four to five generations, and constantly absorbs skills and advantages of New Year pictures in each place across the nation. Through joint efforts by over 50 artists, ten publishing agencies nationwide totally issued over 300 pieces of over 10 billion New Year pictures. Among them, “Eve” made by An Xuegui won the highest award, second prize of in the National New Year Picture Exhibition, and was collected by China Art Gallery. “Paper-cut for Window Decoration” created by Jiang Heng in 1963 witnesses the largest circulation of 500 million pieces. Almost all Chinese families at home and abroad ever pasted the picture. Tongyu New Year Picture has an important status and influence in the nation. On June 25, 1991, the State Council named Tongyu County, Jilin Province to be “Hometown of Chinese Modern Folk Painting”. Tongyu New Year Picture was identified as “city-level intangible cultural heritage” by the city government of Baicheng in March 2009 and “provincial intangible cultural heritage” by the provincial government of Jilin in June 2009, and now is applying for being “national intangible cultural heritage”. In June 2007, the county government of Tongyu and the Research Association of Painting and Calligraphy of the Aged people carefully selected all New Year pictures in the county and bound 292 ones into a book to publish “New Year Pictures of Tongyu”.

3. Zhenlai Wickerwork

Zhenlai Boyi Willow Arts Work Co., Ltd., initiating in 1990, is an enterprise specializing in the design, production, and sale of grass, willow, and paper artworks. The company is located in Zhenlai County, Northeast China, center of world well-known Horqin Prairie and is close to Nenjiang River in east and Tao’er River in south. The luxuriant trees and grasses, naturally growing willows, leaves of cattail, and reeds provide advantaged resources for local production and processing of grass and willow handicrafts. The scope of business includes nearly 1,000 types of baskets such as flower baskets, fruit baskets, pet baskets, and decorative baskets, and other different types of handicrafts made with grasses and wickers. The type and design of products produced every year gets a lot of recognition and trust from customers, who come from over ten countries and territories such as the United States, Germany, France, and Holland.

4. Da’an River Fish

Da’an City, located at the bank of Nenjiang River, is a well-known hometown of rice and fish. The fish resources are rich and include over nine families of over 30 species, such as carp, crucian, bighead carp, grass carp, Basilewsky, black bream, Regan, Topmouth culter, Aristichthys mobilis, Pelteobagrus fulvidraco, catfish, Paeudorasbora parva,Dallia, yellow croaker, Elopichthys bambusa, Pikes, Chinese sleeper, mandarinfish, Prawns, and freshwater mussel.

5. Taonan Vino

Taonan Vino Co., Ltd., initiating at the beginning of the 19th century and called “Donghaiyong Spirit” at that time, has a history of about 100 years. Since it is honored to be “Jilin well-known liquor” in 1963, Taonan Vino has been awarded to be “provincial excellence” and “ministry-level excellence” for several times, silver cup prize of high-quality white sprint in the Liquor Competition held by the Ministry of Light Industry of China, and “Jilin Province well-known brand”, “Jilin well-known liquor” again recently, and a national, provincial, regional, and municipal contract compliance and credit unit. The National Food Association and the liquor quality supervision and inspection center granted more than 30 well-known and outstanding product titles such as qualification through state quality inspection - National Trust Food.

6. “Jihe Village” Series Liquor

 “Jihe Village” branded series liquor is strong-flavor type Daq-jiu produced with scientific blending of the main raw material sorghum and ingredients wolfberry, longan, and Chinese-date. The liquor is with rich aroma, tastes soft and sweet taste, brings no feeling of drunk to people, causes no incitation of throat, and has long aftertaste. “Jihe Village” trademark, a well-known brand in Jilin Province, won Jilin Province industry famous brand in the past appraisals and the gold medal at the 2000 Changchun International Agriculture Fair.

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