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Tourist Commodities in Yanbian Prefecture
2011/04/22     Source:

1. Apple Pear

It is named apple pear since it is exactly like apples, with oblate fruit shape and point-like flush on the surface. According to analysis, it contains moisture of 85.9%, total acid of 0.33%, reducing sugar of 8.33% and total sugar of 9.69%, and is rich in many vitamins such as vitamin C, B1 and B2, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. With rich nutrition, it has an effect to moisten lung, dissolve phlegm, relieve a cough, reduce fire, clear away heart-fire, and induce dieresis.

5. Rice

Yanbian is one of rice production areas in Jilin Province. Thanks to relatively long growth period, more light and accumulative warmth, fertile soil, and clean and non-pollutant water, the rice is bright white. It grows once a year and is famous for its bright color, oily and delicious taste, and rich nutrition.

6. Black Fungus

Black fungus is a nutritional edible mushroom with delicious taste. It, with good medical and drug effects, can nourish and build body stronger, moisten lung, supplement intelligence, calm mind, relieve pain, etc. and is a natural tonic. As black fungus has an effect to moisten lung and clean stomach, it is one of important health food for textile and mine workers.

7. Flue-cured Tobacco

Tobacco leaves have played a dominant role in the economic crops in Yanbian, with a large plating area, good quality, pleasant aroma, sufficient oil, soft tissues, and fine flexibility. The color of flue-cured tobaccos is golden. It is well-known at home and abroad for pure and mild smoke, purity, small irritation, high content of sugar, and low content of nicotine.

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