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Tourist Commodities in Changbai Mountain
2011/04/22     Source:

1. Honey Series Products

Mainly include Changbai Mountain linden honey, blueberry nutrition honey, ginseng nutrition honey, Schisandra nutrition honey, Rhodiola nutrition honey, Acanthopanax nutrition honey, American ginseng nutrition honey, Changbai Mountain flowers honey, and Changbai Mountain royal jelly.

2. Blueberry series

Mainly include blueberry juice, Changbai Mountain blueberry whole juice wine, Changbai Mountain blueberry normal juice wine, Changbai Mountain blueberry dry red wine, etc.

3. Changbai Mountain Natural Handmade Flower Soap

Changbai Mountain Natural Handmade Flower Soap is purely and elaborately handmade with natural plant material in the original ecological environment with an elevation of 700 to 2100 meters. The soap fully retains natural plant extracts of ginseng flowers, roses, lavender, etc. and is rich in alpine flower essential oil, Korean pine nut oil, ginseng extract, natural moisturizing factor, etc. Mainly include Changbai Mountain ginseng flower soap, Changbai Mountain lavender soap, Changbai Mountain rose soap, etc.

4. Changbai Mountain Specialty Plant Nutrition Oil

The content of unsaturated fatty acid and functional nutrients in Korean pine nut oil, walnut oil, perilla seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and other specialty plant nutrition oil is much higher than that of conventional oil. Therefore the specialty plant nutrition oil has some definite medical care value, such as the lipid-lowering, high blood pressure lowering, anti-diabetics, intelligence increase, protection of eyesight, anti-aging, etc. Add the specialty plant nutrition oil into daily consumption oil, which is simple and can add nutrition and prevent and mitigate diseases. There is not any chemical addictive and chemical pollution in the whole processing, ensuring the purity and natural color of products and letting you feel the fragrance flavor of original fruits in Changbai Mountain. So, it is a healthy food suitable for daily consumption of all types of people

5. Changbai Mountain Natural Fragrance Pillow

Mainly include ginseng flower fragrance pillows, rose fragrance pillows, special pillows for the aged, special pillows for students, special pillows for cars, beauty pillows, wedding pillows, and other special pillows.

6. Changbai Mountain Cloud Peak Acanthopanax Tea

In spring, Changbai Mountain peaks are surrounded by clouds and fogs. Acanthopanax tender leaves picked up in the fog in Changbai Mountain are hand-roasted to be Acanthopanax tea that is full of the essence of the original ecology of Changbai Mountain and has mellow flavor and sweet aftertaste. Long-term drinking can invigorate spleen and kidney, balance nutrition, keep body balance, relieve fatigue, and prolong life.

7 Essential Oil Series

Mainly include rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, etc.

8. Changbai Mountain Natural Fragrance Quilt

Changbai Mountain flower fragrance silk quilts organically combine Changbai Mountain alpine roses and lavender extracts, which are used for slow-release of the technology, and silk to make the light silk to release natural flower fragrance flatly for a long term so that the effective substances of fragrance can be slowly absorbed into human body during sleeping. It soothes the nerves, nourishes the beauty, and keeps fitness.

9. Changbai Mountain Rose Hydrosol

Changbai Mountain Rose Hydrosol is obtained by the distillation of rose petals, retains a variety of rose essence, and has pure and gentle aroma. The hydrosol, with meditation, soothing, anti-inflammatory characteristics, is mild antiseptic, astringent and moisturizing agents, and is safe to be used by the most sensitive skin. This product has obvious moisturizing and rejuvenation effect and is the best dry skin care fluid. In addition, Rose Hydrosol can also protect the eyes and alleviate eye fatigue so that the eyes are brighter.

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