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Special Local Products in Northeast China
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Ginseng, ranking the first among the “Three Treasures in Northeast China”, is known as the king of the herbs. Wild ginsengs are relatively more expensive than the cultivated ones. Ginseng roots are taken orally as adaptogens, aphrodisiacs, nourishing stimulants, and in the treatment of type II diabetes. The root is most often available in dried form, either whole or sliced. Ginseng leaf is sometimes also used; as with the root it is most often available in dried form.

This ingredient may also be found in some popular Energy Drinks: usually the "tea" varieties or Functional Foods. Usually ginseng is in sub-clinical doses. It can be found in cosmetic preparations as well. Ginseng root can be double steamed with chicken meat as a soup. Ginseng products have become more recognized among visitors at home and abroad.

○ Deer Antler

Deer antler, or velvet deer antler, Lurong in Chinese pinyin, mainly refers to the kind from the red deer in Mt. Daxing’an, and the sika deer in Mt. Changbai. Sika deer is the first-class protected animals in China. In summer, sika deer have white spots all over their bodies, shaping like plum blossom, so sika deer are called Muhualu. Living in forest or its surrounding areas, sika deer are social animals, living on grass and enjoying licking salt. Deer antler is of great medical value, which can be used to deal with: First, chronic diseases marked by general lassitude and spiritlessness, lumbago, and cold limbs, polyuria with clear urine, impotence, spermatorrhea, and leukorrhagia with clear discharge, Second, infantile maldevelopment marked by weakness of the muscles and bones, incomplete closure of the fontanel, and retarded speech and movement. Third, chronic diseases with blood deficiency, or liver and kidney deficiency. Fourth, diseases with deficiency of the extra meridians with incessant uterine bleeding.

○Marten Fur

As one of the “Tree Treasures in Northeast China”, marten fur is known as the “King of the Furs”, which is divided into two kinds, namely, stale fur and mink fur. The former is relatively more than expensive. The fur varies from yellowish to dark brown, depending on the species, and, in many cases, is of greatest value to make high-quality or luxury fur coat.  

○Herb of Russian Boschniakia

The herb of Russian boschniakia, angiosperm, liven on the steep rocky slope or cliffs at about 1300-2000 meters in altitude. It can be 0.5 meters in height and 3 centimeters in diameter, with erective, strong stem, bigger base and smaller flowers. It is of great value to deal with such diseases as kidney deficiency, impotence, constipation and bladder inflammation and so on. It is said that people call it the grass of eternity for they believe that it can help people live as long as they wish. Usually, it can be put into liquor, cooked with chicken, used for soup and used with tea for dosage.     

○Geastrodia Tuber

Geastrodiatuberisthe drytuberofgastrodiaBlume that is a Orchid family plant. It grows in the fertile forest with damp soil at about 500-1400 meters above the sea level. Geastrodia tuber in nature is bitter and cold. It can be used to calm the liver, relieve spasm, and treat headache, hemiplegia and so on.

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