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Tourist Compliant Hotlines
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Changchun City:0431-88982014

Jilin City:0432—64682561

Baicheng City:0436-3235200

Yanbian Prefecture:0433-2710620

Siping City:0434-3266387

Baishan City:0439—3224385

Changbai Mountain Conservation and Development Area:0433-5712345

Liaoyuan City:0437-3511479

Songyuan City:0438—2161508

Tonghua City:0435-3258444

Tourist Consultancy Service Hotlines

Changchun City:0431-88652111

Jilin City:0432—64805588

Baicheng City:0436-3221230

Baishan City:0439—3224385

Yanbian Prefecture:0433-2710618

Changbai Mountain Conservation and Development Area:0433-5742286

Tonghua City:0435-3212539

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