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Attentions in Touring

The weather in North China has turned cold again at this time. Due to weather, food, cold and other factors, common cold, acute gastroenteritis, food poisoning, carsickness, seasickness, dizziness, collision, sprain, etc. are prone to occur in touring. Following drugs generally can be prepared and taken, such as coldrex, anti-diarrheal agent, and drug for traumatic injuries, which will benefit your touring greatly.

Nutritional Supplements in Touring

1, Supplement water: plenty of nutritious drinks are necessary. A cup of milk or coffee daily will be more ideal.

2, Supplement vitamin: appropriate purchase of fruits with rich vitamin, such as grapes, apples, and oranges are advised.

3, Supplement protein: protein is expected to support physical exertion.

4, Supplement "spiritual nutrition ": singing, dancing, and sitting to watch at hotel dance halls will let you relax after hard work, enjoy a feeling of cheerfulness and spiritual refreshing, and make the touring become easier and colorful.

I believe you are unable to restrain your zeal to start touring once you get above information. Then, please pack what you need to begin a low-carbon touring. A green and low carbon trip will bring health to you. Please be close to nature and embrace health so as to leave a memorable trip for you!

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