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Fantasy Snow and Wonderful Jilin
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—2013 Jilin Province Fine Winter Tourism Collections—

Jilin Province is located in northeast China and the natural conditions and cultural customs make it rich in tourism resources. Winter in Jilin is the most attractive season in a year and snow and rime is the most representative scenery. Every winter, hundreds miles are locked in ice, thousands miles of snow whirls and the magic of nature has created a silver-carved and jade-laid Jilin.

Relying on abundant resources bestowed the nature, upholding the unique culture spread by the history and after years of sustained development and construction, Jilin Province's snow and ice tourism has developed rapidly as a unique snow and ice tourism product pattern consisting of four major series, such as snow and ice sightseeing tour represented by Changbai Mountain and Jilin rime, skiing and fitness tour represented by Beidahu, Jingyue Lake and Wanda, health spa tour represented by Shennong Manor, Shengda Spring and Kanto Cultural Park and folk customs tour represented by Chagan Lake winter fishing, Korean folklore and new year celebration, has been formed.

With the development of new snow and ice tourism projects, Jilin Province's snow and ice tourism has bided farewell to the past single snow and ice watching mode and the tourism projects are becoming more diverse to allow visitors to have more choices, such as snow watching, skiing, rafting, winter fishing, rime watching, spa and experiencing the rich Kanto style. Warmly welcome you to come to Jilin Province and experience the romantic winter style.

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