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Recommended ski entertainment
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Changbai Mountain 

Changbai Mountain International Natural Ski Park 

Features: based on natural snow 

Transportation: the west scenic spot of Changbai Mountain, 30 km away from Changbai Mountain Airport.  

Tel: 13904499827 

Changbai Mountain Heping Ski Resort 

Features: skiing experience and ice and snow tourism 

Address: 6 km away from the gate of Changbai Mountain's north scenic spot 

Tel: 13354332888                         

Changchun City  

Jingyue Lake Ski Resort 

Features: tourism ski resort in the city 

Address: Jingyue Lake National Scenic Area, Changchun City 

Tel: 0431--84529399 

Miaoxiang Hill Ski Resort 

Features: royal ice and snow resort  

Address: Bonihe Town, Jiutai City 

Tel: 0431 - 89590666 

Xinli Lake Ski Resort 

Features: the common people's skiing 

Address: Xinli Lake Reservoir 

Tel: 0431-85710555 

Changchun Lianhua Mountain Ski Area 

Features: an international ski resort near the downtown 

Address: Qingshan Village, Sijia Town, Erdao District, Changchun City 

Tel: 0431—84803222, 84803333 

Jilin City  

Beidahu Ski Resort 

Features: the ski venue of 2012 National Winter Games 

Address: Beidahu Town, Yongji County, Jilin City 

Tel : 400 -606-7070 

Beishan Ice and Snow World 

Features: an outdoor ice and snow entertainment venue within the city 

Address: No. 25, Yueshan Road, Jilin City 

Tel: 0432 - 62124677 

Mingshan Oasis Ski Resort 

Features: Secluded and rural and suitable for salaried persons 

Address: No.1 Group, Tiantai Village, Tiedong, Longtan District 

Tel: 0432-63906999 

Wujia Mountain Ski Resort 

Features: near the urban area and low price 

Address: Mengjia Village, Fengman District, Jilin City 

Tel: 13351515951 

Yongji Qilin Mountain Ski Resort 

Features: integrating food, housing and entertainment 

Address: No.3 Group, Xiada Village, Kouqian Town, Yongji County, Jilin City  

Tel: 0432-64228990 

Zhuque Mountain Ski Resort 

Features: Suitable for beginners' ski entertainment 

Address: Zhuque Mountain Park, 10 km from Jifeng Road 

Tel: 0432—64781725 

Baishan City   

Wanda Changbai Mountain International Ski Resort 

Features: intimately-customized skiing vocation 

Address: in Baishan City and 160 km away from Songjiang River 

Tel: 4000 -987-666 

Baishan City Ski Resort 

Features: watching trees in snow and watching snow in forest  

Address: Cangkugou Village, north suburb of Baishan City 

Tel: 0439 -3226897 

Tonghua City  

Qianye Lake Scenic Area 

Features: the country's earliest ski resort  

Address: 1 km away from Jiangnan, Tonghua City  

Tel: 0435-3246639 

Tonghua Ski Resort 

Features: the birthplace of China's skiing 

Address: No.10 group, Jinchang Village, Dongchang District, Tonghua City 

Tel: 0435-3460258 

Yanbian Prefecture  

Mengdou Ski Resort 

Features: suitable climate and convenient traffic  

Address: 9 km in the north from Yanji City's north expressway exit 

Tel: 0433-8330777 

Mantianxing Ski Resort 

Features: ski resort in snowy forest 

Address: Baicaogou Town, Wangqing County 

Tel: 0433-8551915 

Hailanjiang River Ski Resort 

Features: ski resort in 10,000-mu orchards  

Address: Mati Hill, Longjing City 

Tel: 0433-3263331 

Jindal Snow World 

Features: ice and snow scenary, recreation and Korean folk customs 

Location: Yanji Jindal Plaza 

Tel: 0433-2528525 

Buerhatong River Glacial Paradise 

Features: entertainment activities on the ice and snow 

Location: on the ice surface of Buerhatong River, Yanji City 

Tel: 0433-2528525 

Liaoyuan City  

Julong Lake Ski Resort 

Features: fitness, recreation, entertainment and farm-flavor food 

Address: Julong Lake Tourist Resort, Baiquan Town, Dongliao County  

Tel: 18646010188 

Cilu Lake Ski Resort   

Features: ice and snow culture tourism and green food 

Address:  former Jinman Reservoir, Dongliao County 

Tel: 13766000922 

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