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January to February Rime Wonder Ski Paradise
2011/04/20     Source:

Tourist Product: Rime Wonder, Skiing and Fitness, Hot Spring and Life Nourishing, and Winter Drifting

Hot Spot:

Rime Wonder: Jilin City urban area, Jilin Rime Island, Huadian Baishan Lake, and Yanbian Xiangfeng Ridge

Skiing and Fitness: Jilin City Beida Lake, Changchun Lotus Mountain, Changchun Jingyue Lake, and Yanbian Xiangfeng Ridge and other places within the province

Hot Spring and Life Nourishing: Changbai Mountain hot spring group, Jilin Shengde Hot Spring, Shennong Manor Hot Spring, Fusong Xianrenqiao Hot Spring, Shuangyang Yulong Hot Spring

Winter Drifting: Baishan Lushui River

Festival: China Changchun Ice and Snow Festival and Jingyue Lake Vasa International Skiing Festival (Changchun City)

China Jilin International Rime Ice and Snow Festival (Jilin City)

China · Jilin Chagan Lake Ice and Snow Fishing Culture Tourism Festival (Songyuan City)

China Tonghua Ice and Snow Tourism Festival (Tonghua City)

China Jilin Changbai Mountain Snow Culture Tourism Festival (Changbai Mountain)

Theme: Jilin Rime Ice and Snow Trip

Natural Beauty of Snow Changbai Mountain Trip

Jilin Snow Culture and Spring Festival Kanto Folk Trip

Skiing and Hot Spring Resort Trip

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