Romantic Love in Jilin Seasons

 Leisure Summer Place, Eco-Summer Resort

Tourism Time: June to August

Tourist Product: Summer Resort and Holiday, Agricola rural tourism, forest fitness, golf leisure, valley drifting, and alpine flowers

Hot Spot:

Summer Resort and Holiday: Changbai Mountain, Changchun Jingyue Lake, Jilin Songhua Lake, Huinan Longwan (Dragon Bay), Baicheng Xianghai, and Songyuan Chagan Lake

Agricola rural tourism: surrounding rural tourism of Changchun and Jilin cities, and suburban and rural fruit farms within the province

Forest Fitness: Changchun Jingyue Lake, Changbai Mountain North Slope, underground forest, and Changbai Mountain west slope walking tour

Golf leisure: Changchun Jingyue Golf Course and Yanbian Hailanhu Golf Course

Valley drifting: Changbai Mountain west slope Songhe River drifting area, Yanbian Gudong drifting area, Huadian Hongshi Lake drifting area, Baishan drifting area, and Yalu River drifting area

Alpine flowers: Changbai Mountain west slope alpine garden


China Changchun Summer Resort Festival (June 21 to August)

China Changbai Mountain International Tourism Festival (June to August)

Jilin Songhua Lake Leisure Tourism Festival (July)

China Changchun Jingyue Lake International Forest Running Festival (June 21)

Xianghai Wetland Eco-tourism Festival (middle June)

Tonghua Mountain and Water Summer Resort Tourism Festival (July to August)

Ji'an Koguryo Cultural Tourism Festival (late June)

Songyuan Chagan Lake Mongolia Folk Tourism Festival (June)

Jilin Ningjiang Dragon Boat Festival (Baiduna and Customs Tourism Festival) (early June)

Nenjiang Summer Culture Tourism Festival (Jun Culture e)

Changchun Diaoshuihu National Forest Park Butterfly Viewing Festival (June to August)


Summer Resort and Holiday Trip

Rural Family Fun Trip

Ecological Forest Fitness Trip

Valley Drifting Experience Trip

China Changchun Jingyue Lake International Forest Running Festival (June 21)

                             Players in the game on June 21

On the day, the 2009 China Changchun Jingyue Lake Liding Forest Running Race was held at Jingyue Lake National Forest Park in Changchun City, Jilin Province. More than 8,000 Chinese and foreign athletes from 27 countries and regions participated in the competition. Liding Forest Running Race comes from Liding Island, Sweden that began in 1965 and has been successfully held 43 for sessions.

 Lidingoloppet forest running festival is called “Changchun Jingyue Lake Liding Forest Running Race” in China. It is held at Jingyue Lake National Scenic Area in Changchun City, Jilin Province.

Same as the competition in Sweden, the main track is about 30 km long, with the terrain in different difficulties. Keeping pace with the way in Sweden, amateurs and professional athletes can participate in any-distance race groups to compete.

However, the event includes most projects with lower difficulties for amateurs, beginners and general citizens, such as 16-kilometer, 7.5-kilometer and 2.5-kilometer race, and short-distance entertainment race for children. Participants can decide to run or walk to complete the race according to their own physical strength.

Changbai Mountain Drifting Trip

 In hot summer, the charm of Jilin Province lies in the original ecology of great mountains and clear waters. It is a good summer resort place as green grass and original forest covers the whole mountain to form a natural bar and prevent it from the hot summer sunshine.

One river and three lakes, including Songhua River, Songhua Lake, and Baishan Lake, reach Tianchi Lake (Celestial Lake). At Chagan Lake, there are vast mist and ripples, sweet-smelling cattail and fat fish. Jingyue Lake is the largest artificial woodland in Asia and a city waterfront habitat.

China Changbai Mountain International Tourism Festival in 2009

(June to August)

 2009 China Changbai Mountain International Tourism Festival started from May 15 and ended on October 15, during which cultural tourism activities are wonderful. The whole tourism festival, from “2009 Changbai Mountain” photography and folk songs activity to Changbai Mountain scenic hiking, and from “charming Changbai Mountain” TV culture week to 2009 China Changbai Mountain forest road bike festival, will make you feel high and brings a feast of cultural tourism to Changbai Mountain people and citizens from all directions.

Changbai Mountain style performances blend feeling and setting happily and are wonderful. When viewing landscape during a trip, please also pay attention to folk customs and culture. Changbai Development and Construction Group started to recruit and train professional performers in writing, dance and folklore from 2007 and made every effort to provide a distinctive feast of original culture of Changbai Mountain for a vast number of guests and tourists. In the evening of the day for opening ceremony on May 18, Changbai Mountain style performances will present a program of Changbai Mountain folk customs and culture for people. Listen to gurgling water ad appreciate beautiful moonlight and an array of stars at Changbai Mountain Campgrounds.

 Changbai Mountain tourist products continue optimizing increasingly and become diversified. Changbai Mountain Tianchi International Travel Agency builds a camping experience zone at the west scenic area of Changbai Mountain to meet the needs of a wide range of outdoor sports enthusiasts and people, who have always lived in the urban area, to deeply experience Changbai Mountain. Changbai Mountain camping experience zone is 50 meters backward from Changbai Mountain west scenic area bus transfer station and is responsible for operation and management by Changbai Mountain Tianchi International Travel Agency. The camping area consists of two parts, general area and characteristic area, with more than 50 camping tents, which are open to all tourists. When staying at the camp zone, tourists can watch an array of shining stars, drink wine, feel swaying pines, listen to singing birds and smell flower fragrance. Changbai Mountain camp zone will help you find the excitement of youth and really change outdoor tourism into a paradise for a vast number of travel fans.

Wangchi Lake wedding shoot: meeting at the emerging place of dragon and pledging in love at holy mountains and waters

 July is the most prosperous season of alpine wild flowers in Changbai Mountain. Wangchi Lake wedding shooting activities, on basis of the theme “meeting at the emerging place of dragon and pledging in love at holy mountains and waters”, let all lovers, with flowers as matchmakers and under the witness of holy mountains and waters, touch a romantic wedding and appreciate the loyalty of love.

Food Festival: tasting natural flavor and enjoying human feast

In order to promote the food culture development of Changbai Mountain, Changbai Mountain Blue Landscape Hotel Group presented a gluttonous feast, including rich mountain delicacies banquet, style whole deer feast, special mushroom feast and delicious fresh fish feast, on the day of opening ceremony for a wide range of tourists and give them gourmet's luck. 

2009 Jilin • Songyuan Chagan Lake Mongolia Folk Tourism Festival
























 The tourism festival consists of two major parts, the opening ceremony and a series of activities.

(I)Opening ceremony

(1) Time: 8:58 to 11:00 on June 20, 2009

(2) Place: Yinsong Monument Square in front of the Palace Museum, Chagan Lake Tourism Resort

(3) Main content: the opening ceremony of 2009 Jilin • Songyuan Chagan Lake Mongolia Folk Tourism Festival &Arts concert

The cultural programs of the opening ceremony of 2009 Jilin • Songyuan Chagan Lake Mongolia Folk Tourism Festival & Arts concert mainly include new national song and dance programs created by some domestic old artists, currently popular first- and second-tier singers and the county-level national song and dance troupe. The opening ceremony lasts about 15 minutes, the time for interactive activities and interviews is about 80 minutes, and the concert performances last about 100 minutes.

Item 1: speeches given by leaders and guests

Item 2: announce the opening of the “tourism festival

Item 3: Arts concert

 (II) Series activities

1. Liao and Jin Ancient City Muskmelon Festival

(1) Time: June 14 to July 12, 2009

(2) Place: Balang Town

(3) Main content: give full play to the radiation and pulling role of Chagan Lake Tourism Resort to the surrounding areas and make use of natural resources “Balang muskmelon” to build the tourism brand for Tahu city (meaning bighead city as the shape is like a bighead fish) Liao and Jin Ancient City to reflect the purport “building a platform by tourism for economic development” of the festival.

 2. "China Poetry Online" Chagan Lake series activities

(1)   Time: June 19 to June 21, 2009

(2)   Place: Chagan Lake Tourism Resort

(3)   Main content: invite domestic well-known poets and poetry critics and hold "China Poetry Online" Chagan Lake series activities during the festival period, make efforts to build Chagan Lake poetry culture, and use the form of poetry to display the unique charm of Chagan Lake, increase the wide influence of Qian Goros County and Chagan Lake Tourism Resort at home and abroad, lift the reputation, and promote the county’s tourism culture construction and economic construction.

 3. 2009 Chagan Lake Fellowship Calligraphy Society 

(1)   Time: July 2 to July 10, 2009

(2)   Place: Chagan Lake Tourism Resort

(3)   Main content: invite well-known calligraphers during the festival period, strive to build Chagan Lake culture, and use the form of calligraphy to present the unique charm of Chagan Lake.

 4. Genghis Khan Mausoleum “Nur” Sacrificial Ceremony

(1)   Time: July 15, 2009 (lunar May 23)

(2)   Place: Genghis Khan Mausoleum, Chagan Lake Tourism Resort

(3)   Main content: seize the opportunity for the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of Genghis Khan Mausoleum and hold a grand-scale "nur" sacrificial ceremony according to the Mongolian tradition, and invite ethnic and religious people of countries and regions such as Mongolia and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to participate in as a move to cherish the memory of the patriarch spirit of the emperor ancestor, carry forward the national spirit, enhance national cohesion, build national tourism brand for Qian Goros, and improve the popularity of Qian Goros in the nation and even the whole world.

5. Halamaodu Town “Royal Highness Palace Tribute Fruit Picking”

(1) Time: July 18 to September 6, 2009

(2) Place: Halamaodu Town

(3) Main content: accelerate the pace of planning, construction and development of Wangye Mansion (Royal Highness Palace) eco-tourism area, make full use of natural resources of Halamaodu Town to build a unique tourism brand for Royal Highness Palace eco-tourism are ahead, and promote the formation of the county’s overall tourism pattern as early as possible.

 6. Chaganhua Town 11th Grassland Naadam

(1)   Time: 8:58 to 11:30, August 8, 2009

(2)   Place: Saihantala Mongol Tribe, Chaganhua Town

(3)   Main content: on basis of characteristic national cultural art, hold a variety of national sports activities to present the rich ethnic customs in the prairie, build the national tourism brand, and promote the formation of an overall tourism pattern integrating lake sight, prairie style and ethnic characteristics in Qian Goros as early as possible.

 7. “July 7 Holy Water Lake” Mass Wedding

(1)   Time: August 26, 2009 (lunar July 7)

(2)   Place: Chagan Lake Tourism Resort

(3)   Main content: adopt a form integrating Mongolian and Han wedding traditions for the mass wedding, county-level leaders weaning ethnic costumes witness the wedding, two mistress of ceremonies and maid of honor wear ethnic costumes, folk singers sing wedding songs, bride welcoming songs and songs of toast, ethnic girls present hada for bride and bridegrooms, Lama of Miaoyin Temple bless for the two lovers, and blend ethnic customs, folklore and religion into the whole wedding.

8. “Praise Nation with Songs at Holy Lake” special arts concert

 (1) Time: 9:30 - 11: 30 a.m., September 26, 2009

(2) Place: Chagan Nur Cultural Square, Chagan Lake Tourism Resort

(3) Main content: the concert is mainly based on programs to celebrate the 60th anniversary of New China jointly created by the county-level national song and dance troupe, the cultural center, and the party committees at each level, and programs that tourists are glad to watch, and will present a series of cultural programs with strong ethnic characteristics and local characteristics for a vast number of tourists to activate the cultural life in the scenic area.

“2009 Jilin • Songyuan Chagan Lake Mongolia Folk Tourism Festival & Miss World Leisure Holy Lake Trip” arts concert will be held at Chagan Lake Tourism Resort on June 20. Then, more than 40 Miss World Leisure, some domestic old artists and currently popular first- and second-tier singers organized by the Provincial Tourism Bureau will gather together at Chagan Lake to provide wonderful cultural programs for a wide range of tourists.

Fei Xiang (Kris Phillips), Chinese-American, quickly captures people’s hearts with his handsome, tall and straight Prince Charming image and can be said to be the first ABC singer in the Mandarin pop music sector. He became popular across China depending on a song “Cloud in Homeland” sung at the Spring Festival Gala Evening held by Beijing CCTV in 1987.

Yang Hongji, Chinese famous baritone singer and national class one performer, enjoys special government allowances provided by the State Council. He, obtaining the rank of major general, ever sang the theme song “Eastward Passing Water in Rolling Yangtze River” for the large-scale TV series "Romance of Three Kingdoms".

Li Yugang was the annual third winner of 2006 “Avenue of Stars”. He is a man, who is jealous by women and liked by men, as he performs by disguising in female attire and sings in a female voice to capture hundreds of millions of viewers in the nation. His representative work is “The Drunken Beauty”.

Yangjin Lanze is a new star in the online music sector. She quickly became popular with a song “Fate to Meet You” in 2008. The song won champions and was highly recommended by each major online and TV rank within not more than two months after the release.

Chahan is a Mongolian singer and the most powerful Mongolian singer following Dedema, with mild and roundabout voice. His representative work is “Sapphire."

Xie Jun is a leader of the online music sector. He released the first solo disc "That Night" in 2005, which was broadcasted at all places such as airports around the nation, video stores, supermarkets and shopping malls, was widespread across the nation, and hit a record in disc sales in the year. “That Night” is sung in any city in China (including rural town) and is regarded to be a miracle in the disc release sector. His representative work is “That Night”.

Xiya, with super strength, ever topped the annual list of online music sector. In the same year, her song "Ecstasy" won the Golden Melody Awards Annual Top Ten. Her representative work is “Ecstasy".

Jiuyue Qiji won the championship of "Avenue of Stars" held by CCTV in 2008 and is a band consisting of a girl and a boy. The girl’s name is Wang Xiaowei, and the boy’s name is Wang Xiaohai. The two singers act in harmony, and have vivid expression in singing and strong musical foundation. Especially, the electronic organ performance by Wang Xiaowei is novel and unique, known as “dance on keys”. The representative work is “Alili to Return from Fair”.

Chinese Power Singing Group consists of three handsome and straight boys. In appearance, they are young, optimistic, energetic, positive, and full of affinity. Their dance music not only is light and lively and full of ebullience, but also passionate and with intense emotion to give people boundless strength and confidence. They, as the first intense dance and sing group in China, released the first album “Everyday” in 1997 to quickly become popular across the nation and overseas Chinese communities. The song is the first hot Chinese electronic dance music broadcasted by CCTV and local TV stations for a long term.

Chen Hanbo and Wang Min are apprentices of Chinese famous performing artist Hou Yaowen, ever won first prize of CCTV comic essay contest, and participated in the Spring Festival Gala Evening for many times. The unique performing style of the two is deeply favored by hundreds of millions of audiences.

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