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Tourist Product: Summer Resort and Holiday, Nongjiale rural tourism, forest fitness, golf leisure, valley drifting, and alpine flowers

Hot Spot:

Summer Resort and Holiday: Changbai Mountain, Changchun Jingyue Lake, Jilin Songhua Lake, Huinan Longwan (Dragon Bay), Baicheng Xianghai, and Songyuan Chagan Lake

Nongjiale rural tourism: surrounding rural tourism of Changchun and Jilin cities, and suburban and rural fruit farms within the province

Forest Fitness: Changchun Jingyue Lake, Changbai Mountain north slope, underground forest, and Changbai Mountain west slope walking tour

Golf leisure: Changchun Jingyue Golf Course and Yanbian Hailanhu Golf Course

Valley drifting: Changbai Mountain west slope Songhe River drifting area, Yanbian Gudong drifting area, Jiaohe drifting area, Shulan drifting area, Huadian Hongshi Lake drifting area, Baishan drifting area, and Yalu River drifting area

Alpine flowers: Changbai Mountain west slope alpine garden

Festival: China Changchun Summer Resort Festival (Changchun City)

Jilin Songhua Lake Leisure Tourism Festival (Jilin City)

Songyuan Chagan Lake Mongolia Folk Tourism Festival (Qianguo, Songyuan)

China Hunchun Carnival (Hunchun, Yanbian)

China Changbai Mountain International Tourism Festival (Changbai Mountain)

Jilin Ningjiang Dragon Boat Festival (Baiduna Culture Folk Tourism Festival) (Ningjiang, Songyuan)

Xianghai Wetland Eco-tourism Festival (Tongyu, Baicheng)

Nenjiang Summer Culture Tourism Festival (Da’an, Baicheng)

Theme: Summer Resort and Holiday Trip

Rural Family Fun Trip

Ecological Forest Fitness Trip

Valley Drifting Experience Trip

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