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May Watching Blooming Flowers Tasting Fresh River Fishes
2011/04/20     Source:

Tourist Product: appreciating spring flowers, experiencing rural folk customs, tasting fresh river fishes, and viewing migrant birds

Hot Spot:

Appreciating Rhododendron (early and middle May): each place in Yanbian, Huinan Longwan (Dragon Bay), Jilin Songhua Lake, and Changbai Mountain area

Appreciating Wild Apricot (early May): Tongyu Baolawendu Apricot Forest

Appreciating pear flowers (middle and late May): 10,000-mu apple and pear farms in Yanbian

Tasting fresh river fishes: Songhua Lake (Jilin, Jiaohe, and Huadian), Chagan Lake (Qianguo), and Yalu River (Linjiang and Ji’an);

Viewing migrant birds: Xianghai, Tongyu – wetland in west Jilin and Momoge, Zhenlai

Festival: Jilin Songhua Lake Fresh River Fish Festival (Jilin City)

Jilin Beishan Temple Fair (Jilin City)

China Longjing Apple and Pear Flower Festival (Longjing, Yanbian)

Jilin Longwan Wild Rhododendron Tourism Festival (Longwan, Tonghua)

Zhenlai Bird Viewing Festival (Zhenlai, Baicheng)

Theme: Trip to welcome spring, appreciate flowers, and have an outing in spring

Fresh river fish trip

Yanbian folk custom trip

Trip to view migrant birds in west wetland

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