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Jilin Province Autumn Tourism Routes
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East route:

Changchun (Jingyue Lake, Puppet Palace, Changchun Movie Wonderland and Changchun World Sculpture Park), Jilin (Songhua Lake, Beidahu and Rime Island) - Yanbian (Korean Folk Village and Dunhua Liuding Mountain Tourism Area) - Changbai Mountain (North and west scenic areas)

Features: red maple and white birch, historic culture and folk customs

South route: Changchun - Tonghua (Huinan Sanjiaolong Bay and Ji'an Koguryo Monuments) - Baishan Mountain (Changbai Wangtian'e and Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort) - Changbai Mountain (West and north scenic areas)

West route: Changchun - Songyuan (Chagan Lake) - Baicheng (Horqin Grassland, Xianghai and Momoge)

Features: wetland, lake, grassland, folk customs and bird watching

Urban circuit tourism: Changchun - Jilin (Songhua Lake and Beidahu) - Liaoyuan (Longevity Palace and Dongfeng farmer painting and paper cutting) - Siping (Yehe Ancient City and Siping Battle Memorial Hall)

Features: urban leisure, folk experience and rural tourism

Border tourism: China-Russia-North Korea cross-border tourism route:

China's Hunchun (Fangchuan scenic area) - Russia's Vladivostok City (Lenin Square and Vladivostok Railway Station) – North Korea's Rajin City (Rajin Port and Pipa Island) - China's Hunchun

China- North Korea self-driving route: China's Changchun - Yanji (Korean Folk Village) - Hunchun (Fangchuan scenic area) - North Korea's Rason City (Rajin Port and Pipa Island) - Hunchun - Yanji – Changchun

Northeast Asia land, sea and air tourism: China's Hunchun (Fangchuan scenic area) - North Korea's Rajin City (Rajin Port and Pipa Island) - Russia's Vladivostok City (Lenin Square and Vladivostok Railway Station) – South Korea's Donghae-si (Chu-Am Beach) - South Korea's Seoul (Cheong Wa Dae) – China's Changchun

Features: Eurasian cultural convergence and overlooking of Russia and North Korea scenery

Jilin Provincial Tourism Bureau website: www.jlta.gov.cn; Tel: 0431-12301

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