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CCAFE's Watching Focus: Appreciating the Change of "Four Seasons" in "a Garden"
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As always, China Changchun International Agriculture • Food Expo (CCAFE) needs to reflect the requirement of the times and forward direction of the agricultural and rural economic development in the new era. This CCAFE's main line is to highlight the development of ecological, intelligent, efficient, characteristic, open and safe agriculture. 

This CCAFE has played a graceful and novel "four-season song" by the large and collective use of objects, pictures, videos, sound and light and other means. 

Who "overturns" the spring? 

All flowers bloom together, compete with each other for beauty of looks, have an elegant style and are too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. At the fresh-cut flower garden of Changchun Modern Agricultural Park (CMAP), a variety of flowers are flowing from two large reversed vases in a constant stream to gather to be a sea of flowers in a glance. 

Change the old face and re-deploy and reconstruct. Rare double-petal lily debuts, camellias, orchids and agapanthus compete with each other for beauty of looks, the design is distinctive and well-proportioned and beautiful flowers and landscapes reflect each other to create a "land of idyllic beauty" in the hustle and bustle; landscape sketches and rockery fountains are supplied for visitors to take pictures as a souvenir and you will feel a flower-blooming "fairyland on earth" when strolling here. 

The flower and tree landscape garden also makes a debut at this year's planting exhibition. 

More than 40 landscape flowers, such as Chrysanthemums, roses, iberis amara and Calceolaria, complete to bloom and more than 20 color-leaf-garden nursery varieties, such as euonymus and ulmus pumila cv.jinye, made a collective debut to create an especially magnificent, elegant and romantic flower world plus all kinds of landscape portfolios. 

Staying in the flower and tree landscape garden, you are seemed to walk into a region of rivers and lakes in South China to enjoy a different style of a small bridge over the flowing stream.  

Fresh green in hot summer 

Green has always been the main color of CMAP. 

The global agriculture-style garden is filled with nature and harmony. Diverse plants are used to build mountains, rivers, etc. 

The world's famous landmark buildings, such as Romantic Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Pyramid symbolizing an ancient civilization, are a panoramic view. More than 300 kinds of representative plants in the five continents, such as coconut, cocoa, teabush and orchid, can be seen here to enable you to appreciate the world style without going out. 

The desert plant garden's heat wave is still violent. A vast desert style is presented for you here and more than 100 rare plants originally growing in the African desert and ancient tree pot Chinese yew left through the Quaternary glacial period are collectively showed in a 2,400-square meter land; various plants, such as overbearing Pachypodium lamerei Drake wearing silver needles, fiery red and magnificent desert roses and evergreen maguey with firm leaves, reflect each other and enable visitors to seem to stay in the African desert with solitarily flying eagles and a vast expanse together with wind-eroding rocks and blown sand. 

It is the right time to play with water in summer and there are many recreations in CMAP. 

The fishery hall has always been a favorite place for children and this year adds several new friends from the sea, four baby seals, which are charmingly naive and chase on each other to bring joy to people in hot summer. 

Science and technology allows more autumn harvests. 

As the autumn sense is getting stronger, CMAP is fruitful, gorgeous and eye-catching. The south China fruit garden this year newly introduces into more than 40 kinds of south China fruit trees, jackfruit, Annona, Syzygium jambos, grapefruit and coffee, to form a stark contrast against north China fruit tree varieties to bring a storm of fruits from hot south China to north China visitors. 

Science and technology has achieved numerous possibilities as new south and north China fruit tree varieties have been added. At the 5,000-square meter south China fruit garden, various new, exotic and special varieties have gathered together as the garden has introduced into more than 60 novel fruit tree varieties from south China to present a complete collection of south China fruits. More than ten kinds of fruit threes, wax apple, banana, papaya, dragon fruit, grapefruit, lemon, guava and passion fruit, have bloomed, borne fruits and achieved a high yield in north China, creating a precedent of planting south China fruit trees in greenhouses in north China. 

Giant watermelon and pumpkin have always been the first choice of citizens and farmers to view and take photos. Giant pumpkin, giant watermelon with an excellent taste, sweet jackfruit watermelons with yellow flesh and unique taste and rainbow watermelon with rainbow flesh have become a hot spot attracting tourists. 

At the tomato garden, the latest domestic and foreign varieties make a collective debut, during which a 17-meter-tall tomato flies its own color; at the vegetable and bean garden, cowpea from north China, characteristic pole bean and exotic cow gram show their styles; fine watermelon varieties and rare muskmelon and cucumber in the film and greenhouse melon garden will make melon farmers have a worthwhile trip; more than 30 rare vegetables with a large-scale and courtyard planting prospect at the specialty vegetable garden, such as gumbo and asparagus, are waiting for appreciation; purple rape, golden yellow zucchini, colorful lettuce and other vegetables spray various colors as a palette. 

In autumn, science and technology allows more harvests. 

The Kanto style in heated brick beds in winter 

In winter, Kanto families cross legs and sit on heated brick beds and big girls pick up a tobacco pipe in month, which is not rare here. 

Once walking into the Kanto (Jilin) folk farming culture exhibition area, you are greeted by folk sculptures and the refreshing arrangement makes people feel the exhibition area re-upgrades. 

Newly collect completed-set material objects and cultural relics, newly add multi-channel interactive ground and other high-tech sound and light facilities and equipment, and newly set up a "Changchun History" area reflecting the development history of Changchun to enable visitors to review the history and feel folk custom in visit. 

Trace back to farming in Jilin and reproduce aerial farming. White snow covers the earth and both young and old brave the journey to northeast China. 

In addition to a newly-added 100-year-old gate building from Shandong, a sculptured team of people braving the journey to northeast China is advancing in wind and snow and the characters have different looks and lifelike appearances to form an exhibition content covering the largest area and with the most powerful shock effect in the exhibition area. 

The CCAFE has made a comprehensive review of Jilin's farming civilization heritage road and played a science popularization education role through more than 6,000 pieces (sets) of precious historical relics and traditional tools and a lot of miniature landscapes, image data and other materials. 

Appreciate the change of "four seasons" in "a garden"; science and technology, wisdom and innovation make all this become possible.  

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