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The 11th CCIAF Is Unusually Brilliant
2014/07/16     Source:

The 11th China (Changchun) International Automobile Fair (CCIAF) attracts 152 brands and 137 domestic and foreign well-known automobile manufacturers to participate and exhibit 1,200 vehicles covering all models; China (Changchun) International Automobile Technology Forum 2014 (CCIATF) invites nearly 50 technology leaders from international well-known vehicle and parts enterprises, experts and scholars from domestic and foreign famous universities and technical experts from research institutions to actively display and share the latest scientific and technological achievements they master; more than 30 models go T-stage show at CCIAF Car Model Contest, showing the 11th CCIAF is unusually brilliant to attract the public attention. 

- Characteristic and personalized new-energy technology becomes the most notable feature of this CCIAF. 

On the first media day of the 11th CCIAF on July 11, Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Centre (CCICEC) created a remarkable degree of buzz, at which each major exhibitor debuted with new-model cars, imported cars and luxury cars and all models, such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles and special vehicles, appeared together. 

At Hall 1, two new-energy vehicle models are very eye-catching. Pentium B50EV and Oulang hatchback EV have been installed with power lithium-ion batteries instead of engines, can run 120 kilometers at the full power state, and  achieves an ideal state of going to work in daytime and charging at night. Oulang hatchback EV has been available for sale at RMB 219,800 each. 

"I have heard there is a Qin-named car to be released today and deliberately come to watch what new characteristics it has as the name is interesting", said Mr. Zhao at the BYD exhibition area at 10:30. 

As introduced by the relevant person in charge of BYD, among three newly-released models, Qin, S6 and brand-new F3, Qin is the most popular as the car adopts dual-mode and dual-engine, can achieve shift between pure electric mode and hybrid mode, is a new-energy model to be energy saving and environment friendly, and consumes oil of 1.6L/100km under the pure electric mode. The car is named Qin as BYD aims to build a new benchmark in independent brands based on its latest design concept that the Qin Dynasty unified six states and dominated the world in 221 B.C.  

At Hall 2, the Godfire Xuanwu Motor exhibition area is packed with young people as seven cool concept cars leap into the eyes of visitors. Godfire Xuanwu Motor Deputy General Manager Wang Jingsheng said "concept cars exhibited this year have diverse and personalized models, the company makes motorcycle appearance with car parts to be noble and fashionable and more personalized and I believe this will be a guide for future development." 

At Hall 5, the Rolls-Royce exhibition area is tightly packed. Two models, remarkable Phantom and Ghost with prominent Chinese style are warmly welcomed. Especially, only 25 Majestic Horse Collection cars are sold in Mainland China at RMB 6.2 million each, the model gives prominence to the Chinese style in detail design, the interior is based on brown and matched with red lines and carpet, the wood floor under the copilot position is painted with Chinese wash painting-style horse pattern, and the headrests and cushions are decorated with horse pattern. The body waist is drawn by famous Rolls-Royce master Mark with squirrel tail hair adopting pure craftsmanship in three hours and interprets a truly excellent quality and perfect craftsmanship symbol. This model debuts in Changchun for the first time, looks noble black from a distance, shows purple in the sunshine and is like a freely and quickly advancing Ferghana horse. 

Characteristic and personalized new-energy technology is the most significant feature of this CCIAF that pushes the customization inspiration blending Chinese and Western traditions to the extreme and achieves advanced technologies and people-vehicle interaction to the greatest extent and this wonder will always continue. 

- International friends enjoy a sightseeing tour at CCIAF to feel the Changchun culture. 

"This is the sixth year I am in China. What I feel the most profound in Changchun is the rapid development of the city that is worthy of the name to be an auto city as we can see the city auto industry has a very huge development space. This CCIAF greatly widens my horizon as the exhibiting vehicles are diverse and personalized and especially energy-saving and emission-reducing new-energy vehicles facilitate our life while achieving environmental protection, all of which urge me to have more power to obtain a Chinese driving license", said Anze from Latvia.  

On the afternoon of July 12, the 11th CCIAF Hall 5 was unusually bustling and the atmosphere was unprecedented popularly as the emergence of a group of foreigners seethed the entire hall. As introduced by relevant people in charge, these foreign friends from 16 countries, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Kenya, Nepal and Thailand, are the winners for the campaign "international friends seeing Jilin" and this time make a special trip to Changchun to visit CCIAF for deeply feeling the Changchun culture. 

- Nearly 50 technical experts actively display and share the latest scientific and technological achievements they master at CCIATF. 

As one of important parts of the 11th CCIAF and themed with "intelligent vehicle and man-vehicle interaction", this CCIATF has attracted hundreds of experts and scholars in related fields and scientific research engineers and technicians to participate to jointly discuss the technical route and industrial development of intelligent vehicles around the topic of intelligent vehicles. 

At the forum, CAE academician Guo Konghui and Li Jun and other experts and scholars with in-depth research in the field of automobile technology made a keynote speech. Nearly 50 technology leaders from international well-known vehicle and parts enterprises, experts and scholars from domestic and foreign famous universities and technical experts from research institutions also actively attended to display and share the latest scientific and technological achievements they master. 

- More than 30 models go T-stage show with passion and vitality at CCIAF Car Model Contest. 

On July 11, the 11th CCIAF Acura Cup Hong Kong Star Football Team Changchun Charity Trip & Northeast Asia International Super Car Model Contest came to an end. In the evening, more than 30 car models from eight countries around the world stood out from many competitors to have not only obtained awards, but also gone T-stage show to show their elegant demeanor. All articles used at the just-ended football performance were auctioned for charity and all the auction proceeds will be donated to Changchun City Children's Welfare Institute. 

The gorgeous lighting effect on the spot and excellent T-stage show by more than 30 car models have created a definitely high-quality visual experience. These more than 30 models standing out from the Northeast Asia International Super Car Model Contest have showed their enthusiasm and vitality to all the people at the scene. At that night, in addition to selecting the champion, runner up and second runner up, the contest also conferred a number of awards, such as "Best Photogenic Award", "Best Body Award" and "Most Popular Media Award". 

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