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Five-year Overview of CAE
2014/07/13     Source:

● In 2009, sold 5,028 cars, achieved turnover of RMB 800 million, attracted 150 exhibiting brands and exhibited 758 cars.

● In 2010, sold 5,099 cars, achieved turnover of RMB 820 million, attracted 137 exhibiting brands and exhibited 927 cars.

● In 2011, sold 10,320 cars, achieved turnover of RMB 2.02 billion, attracted 139 exhibiting brands and exhibited 1,036 cars.

● In 2012, sold 12,380 cars, achieved turnover of RMB 3 billion, attracted 143 exhibiting brands and exhibited 1,147 cars.

● In 2013, sold 17,173 cars, achieved turnover of RMB 3.8 billion, attracted 146 exhibiting brands and exhibited 1,148 cars.

In the five years from 2009 to 2014, Changchun Automobile Expo (CAE) has made some progresses, had differences and brought different feelings to visitors every year and a string of data more honestly illustrated the progress of CAE.

In 2009, the sixth CAE, lasting for 12 days, achieved a qualitative leap as the number of signed projects hit 20 and the contractual value hit RMB 3.35 billion; the number of sold cars hit 5,028, growing 39.3% over the previous term; the turnover hit RMB 800 million, growing 31.4% over the previous term; CAE brought related industries to achieve revenue of RMB 10.6 billion.

This CAE has an exhibition area of ​​150,000 square meters and hit a record high by the number of brands, varieties, models, new cars and concept cars over the past ones. The number of participating complete vehicles makers was 130, the number of exhibiting brands was 150, the number of exhibiting vehicles was 758, including 15 concept cars, 80% of total exhibiting vehicles were new, and new-energy and new-power cars accounted for 10% of the total number of exhibiting vehicles.

In 2010, at the seventh CAE, the number of exhibitors reached 132, the number of exhibiting brands was 137 and the number of exhibiting vehicles was 927, including 22 concept cars and 34 clean-energy cars, and there were 36 new car releases. Participating enterprises were from more than a dozen of countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy and Taiwan, and a batch of domestic and foreign well-known auto makers, such as FAW, SAIC, BAIC, Volkswagen, General Motors, BMW, Honda and Chery, have fully participated. At the eight-day CAE, the number of visitors hit 509,000 person times, the largest daily number exceeded 100,000 person times, total 5,099 cars were sold and the turnover hit RMB 820 million.

In 2011, the eighth CAE attracted 600,000 visitors, sold 10,320 vehicles and achieved turnover of RMB 2.02 billion. The total exhibition area was 180,000 square meters, growing 14,000 square meters over the previous term and the more than ever. A total of 132 domestic and foreign auto giants, such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and GM, gathered in Changchun; the number of participating brands reached 139, including 45 domestic car brands, 42 international car brands, 12 passenger car brands and 40 truck and construction vehicle brands; a total of 1,036 cars participated, growing 109 over the previous year, including 216 imported cars, 820 domestic cars, 25 concept cars, 50 new-energy and new-power vehicles and 10 globally newly-released cars, and covering all models, such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses and construction vehicles. The latest models accounted for 90% of all participating vehicles, the record high in the past terms.

In 2012, the ninth CAE exceeded the previous ones by scale, grade, popularity, culture and influence. Total 136 international and domestic automobile manufacturers exhibited, the number of visitors reached 650,000 person times, total 12,380 vehicles were sold and total turnover hit RMB 3 billion, pushing forward CAE's international visibility and influence to a new peak. In addition, this CAE covered an area of 190,000 square meters, adding 10,000 square meters over the previous one and a record high among the past ones.

In 2013, the tenth CAE, lasting for 10 days, attracted visitors for 690,000 person time, achieved turnover of RMB 3.8 billion, and was known as an auto feast with the largest scale, the highest grade, the most popularity, the most technicality, the strongest cultural atmosphere and the widest influence. The exhibition area was ​​190,000 square meters and this CAE attracted 127 domestic and overseas automobile giants to gather in Changchun; the number of participating brands reached 146; there were 1,148 exhibiting vehicles, including 712 imported and Sino-foreign vehicles and 436 independent-brand cars and covering all models. The number of exhibiting concept cars, newly-released cars, and new-energy and new-power cars hit 20, 53 and more than 20 and there were 70 new releases and related activities. In addition, each exhibitor has made a big breakthrough by the exhibition area and decoration level over the past ones, eight indoor halls were opened for exhibition for the first time and the booth decoration reached the A-level, showing the grade was improved significantly.

The tenth CAE sold a total of 17,173 vehicles, adding 4,793 ones or 38.7%      over the previous term; including 16,081 or 93.6% passenger vehicles; 1,092 or 6.4% commercial vehicles; 13,674 cars taken on site; 3,499 purchased under agreement. Total turnover hit RMB 3.8 billion, growing RMB 800 million over the previous term. In the ten days, the number of visitors hit 690,000 person times, growing 40,000 person times over the previous term. The number of visitors from the province hit about 520,000 person times and the number of visitors outside the province exceeded 170,000 person times, further highlighting CAE is influential in the car market in three northeast China provinces and even nationwide.

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