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The Ninth China’s Changchun Clivia Festival opened
2013/03/26     Source:

On March 22, Changchun Clivia Trading Center ushered in the grand opening of Clivia lovers from all directions - the Ninth China’s Changchun Clivia Festival. The Clivia planting households from inside and outside the province, the representatives of Clivia societies and Clivia organizations from Dalian, Harbin, Shenyang, Huludao, Anshan, Daqing and other places, and the flower dealers and exhibitors from around China gathered here, to showcase the achievements of Clivia planting, exchange experience in Clivia planting, and seek development of the Clivia industry.
This Clivia Festival was themed by
“flowers greet the flourishing age, Clivia tops Changchun”, displayed the results of cultivation of fine varieties of Clivia in Changchun City, Clivia ancient culture and industrial development achievements, and broadens the Clivia sales market.
China’s Changchun Clivia Festival is a grand festival of the people in Changchun who plant Clivia and love Clivia. Today, the 6,000-square-meter exhibition hall was filled with Clivia flowers in full bloom, and many rare species were also displayed here today.
Clivia is the city flower of Changchun, but also the pride of the city. Over the years, thanks to the hard nurturing of innumerable Clivia planters, Changchun Clivia has deservedly become the industry's leader, and its boutique Orchids are known throughout the country and overseas, hence the saying that the best Clivia in the world is in China, and the best Clivia in China is in Changchun. Currently, the city has built more than 20 large-scale Clivia production bases, which cover an area of ​​nearly 150 hectares, has more than 3,000 greenhouses with an area of ​​nearly 60 hectares, plants over 200 million Clivias, over 3500  planting households above designated size, and more than 100000 professionals engaged in Clivia production, and achieves annual output value of 3 billion yuan.
Since 2000, Changchun City has successfully held eight sessions of Clivia Festival, which has set up transaction, exchange and display platforms for Clivia planters. The exhibition has attracted Orchid planting households and flower dealers from inside and outside the province to participate, expanded the external influence of Changchun Clivia, publicized and displayed Changchun Clivia, further enhanced the visibility of Changchun Clivia, and played an important role in promoting the development of Clivia industry.
Changchun Clivia Trading Center is located at No. 3999, Changxin Street, Erdao District, Changchun City.
To visit the Ninth Clivia Festival, you can take the bus lines as follows:
Road 3: People's Square - Changxin East Road
Road 223: Changchun Station – East Huancheng Road
Road 233: Weixing Road (Linhe Street) - Changxin East Road
Road21: Yanming Lake Villa - Changxin East Road

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