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Xianjingtai National Scenic Area
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Xianjingtai (Fairyland), a national scenic area, is located in southeast of Jilin Province and Longshi City. There are many rare and wonderful scenes such as rare peaks, rocks, pines, flowers, and clouds and sunrise. Competitive scenes include top ten peaks, top ten mountains, and top ten pines. The ornamental and aesthetic value of Xianjingtai National Scenic Area lies in “grand” mountains and peaks, “dangerous” steep cliffs, “unique” natural rock sculpture, “exquisite” pines, “bright” Jindal flowers, “fairy” clouds and islands, “beautiful” maple leaves, and “peculiar” snow coverage. Therefore, it is known as “No.1 fairyland in the earth”.   

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Ticket Price: RMB 50 a person

Opening Time: May 1 to October 30

Parking: There is a parking lot at the rest house of the scenic area that can bear 50 large- and small-sized vehicles.

Traffic: Take Helong-Xianjingtai passenger buses, once every 10 minutes, at Yanji Railway Station;

Self-driving: Yanji-Helong first-tier road; Helong-Nanping second-tier road;

Contact Tel:0433—6112886



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