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Fangchuan Scenic Area
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Fangchuan, a national scenic area, is located in southeast of Hunchun City, Jilin Province and at the critical point of the flow of Tunmen River to Japan Sea. Fangchun is contiguous to Hassan town, Russia in east and faces North Korea across Dumen River in southwest.

Fangchuan is known as “local crowing and barking to be heard in three countries”. Local tourist attractions include “one sight to three countries”, soil plate, Shaqiu Park (Sand Dune Park), Lianhua Lake (Lotus Lake), site of The Battle of Lake Khasan, Fangchuan folk custom village, Wu Dacheng Statue, Quanhe River Port, Jingxin Wetland, and Longshan Lake (Dragon Mountain Lake). The unique geographical location and rich animal and plant resources constitute a rare natural landscape in Fangchuan.

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Ticket Price: RMB 20 a person

Opening Time: 8:00 to 17:00

Parking: There is a parking lot on the right side of Fangchuan Scenic Area road, which offers 100 parking seats for free of charge.

Traffic: Tourists can spend RMB 12 a person taking passenger buses at Hualong Agricultural Market to reach Fangchuan Village and after getting off, walk southeastward for three kilometers. You can come to Fangchuan Scenic Area directly if driving your own vehicles.

Self-driving: drive southward from the Passenger Station to reach the crossroad between Hezuo District and Chunjing and drive westward to go by Banshi Village, Jingxin Village, and Quanhe Village for a total of 63 kilometers to reach Fangchuan Scenic Area;

Tourist Bus and Bus: spend RMB 12 a person taking passenger buses, once half a day, at Hualong Agricultural Market to reach Fangchuan Village, and walk southeastward for three kilometers after getting off;

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