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Longwanqun National Forest Park (Grade AAAA Tourist Attraction)
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Located in southeast of Huinan Province, the forecast park takes up 8,133 hectares. Longwanqun (Dragon Bay Group) owns the most volcanoes in Northeast China and is the largest Crater Lake group in China. The park consists of “seven bays, one waterfall, and two peaks”, such as Sanjiaolong Bay (Triangle Dragon Bay), Dalong Bay (Big Dragon Bay), Erlong Bay (Medium Dragon Bay), Xiaolong Bay (Small Dragon Bay), Donglong Bay (East Dragon Bay), Nanlong Bay (South Dragon Bay), Hanlong Bay (Dry Dragon Bay), Diaoshuihu Waterfall (Kettle Hanging Waterfall), Jinlongdingzi Mountain, and Sifangdingzi Mountain. The Longwan drifting area is one kilometer away from the east side of Back River Forest at downstream of Xiangshui River, Diaoshihu Waterfall Scenic Area, where supporting services and safety facilities are complete. It is a good place for tourists to have a deep experience of forest tour fun and passion release.

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Ticket Price: specific ticket, RMB 135 a person (Dalong Bay, RMB 35 a person; Sanjiaolong Bay, RMB 50 a person, and Diaoshuihu Waterfall, RMB 50 a person); Sifangdingzi Mountain, RMB 25 a person; Longwan drift, RMB 90 a person; Dalong Bay and Sanjiaolong Bay pleasure-boat, RMB 20 a person; yacht, RMB 30 a person; Hanlong Bay cable sliding, RMB 30 a person; battery car, RMB 10 a person;

Opening Time: 07:30 to 17:00

Parking: There are standard parking lots at the gates of Dalong Bay, Sanjiaolong Bay, and Diaoshuihu Waterfall Scenic Area, each of which offers 60 to 70 parking seats. RMB 10 is charged for each small-sized vehicle, and RMB 40 is charged for a bus;

Traffic: Huinan County passenger railway station is developed, where trains from Jilin and Tumen to Shenzhen and Beijing will pass and stop. Chaoyang Town Railway Station is located at northwest of Huinan urban area and opens multiplied railways.

Self-driving: Shenyang City - the scenic area: drive along Shenyang-Jilin Road to enter Yingchengzi-Baishan road to the direction of Baishan to reach Yangzishao Town, and drive along the tourist road from the town to the scenic area; Changchun City-the scenic area: drive along Yingchengzi-Baishan road to enter the tourist road from Yangzishao Town to the scenic area;

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