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World Heritage Koguryo Scenic Area (Grade AAAA Tourist Attraction)
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Koguryo, established in 37 B.C. and destroying in 668 A.D., has lasted a total of 705 years. Total 28 emperors succeeded to the throne. Koguryo is a minority regime in northeast border in the ancient times and has lasted for the longest period among all minority governments in North China. The capital city is Ji’an City for 425 years. The city has been a political, economic, and cultural center for Koguryo, where a large number of relics are left over. The scenic area contains the magnificent No. 1 ancient tablet for Haidong (Korea imperial court) “Stele of Great King Haotaiwang”, grand Koguryo royal tomb “Oriental Pyramid – General’s Tomb”, Koguryo Kingdom City with strong ethnic characteristics “Hwando Mountain Fortress”, and “Wukui Tomb Group No. 5 Tomb” known as "Northeast Asian art treasure".

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Ticket Price: RMB 100 a person (covering General’s Tomb, Stele of Great King Haotaiwang, Yushan nobility cemetery, and Hwando Mountain Fortress); ticket for a single scenic area, RMB 30 a person;

Opening Time:08:00 to 17:00

Parking: Each scenic area has a free parking lot covering an area of above 2,000 square meters.

Traffic: Scenic spots ofKoguryo scenic area are distributed around Ji’an City urban area. Among them, Yushan nobility cemetery, Stele of Great King Haotaiwang (including Haotaiwang’s Tomb), and General’s Tomb are in one tourist route and located in east of the urban area. General’s Tomb is about four kilometers away from the Railway Station; Stele of Great King Haotaiwang is about 2.5 kilometers away from the Railway Station; Yushan nobility cemetery is about six kilometers away from the Railway Station; Hwando Mountain Fortress, located in west of the urban area, is  2.5 kilometers away from the Railway Station;

 Self-driving: Start from the Railway Station, drive along Yalujiang-Jiangyuan eastward for two kilometers (refer to the scenic area signs), turn left to drive along Ji’an-Qingshi road for 0.5 kilometers to reach Stele of Great King Haotaiwang; start from Stele of Great King Haotaiwang and drive along Jiangjun Road eastward for 1.5 kilometers to reach General’s Tomb; start from Stele of Great King Haotaiwang, drive along Jiangjun Road westward for two kilometers, drive along Minqiao Street northward (Route 3 bus station) to turn left to reach Guoyuan Road, run westward for 1.2 kilometers to reach Yushan nobility cemetery; Passenger Fleet Tel: 0435-6223741

Tourist Bus and Bus: Spend RMB 1 a person taking Route 3 bus from the urban area to Yushan nobility cemetery. The bus, once every 15 minutes, departs at 7:30 and ends at 16:30;

Contact Tel:0435-6262796



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