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Baijifeng National Forest Park (Grade AAAA Tourist Attraction)
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Baijifeng (White Chicken Peak) National Forest Park is 20 kilometers away from the Tonghua City urban area, with an altitude of 1,328 meters. According to legends, thousands years ago, meteorites beyond the galaxy dropped on two peaks in the park, which are hard and as white as snow. The two peaks are like chickens and therefore called White Chicken Peak. The main scenes include “Dressing Fairy”, “Bangchui Peak” (Wooden Club Peak), “Bathing Ginseng Girl”, “Front White Chicken”, and “Back White Chicken”.

Related Service Information

Ticket Price: RMB 20 a person

Opening Time: 6:30 to 18:30, May to November

Parking: Longmen Parking Lot: about 40 parking seats, RMB 10 each; other parking lots are free of charge;

Traffic: about 30 kilometers away from Tonghua City Railway Station and Tonghua City Passenger Station (Old Station) and 29.5 kilometers away from Tonghua City New Station;

Self-driving: Tonghua City Railway Station – Xinhua Street – Jiangnan Development Zone- Jinchang Town – Shanglongtou Village - Baijifeng National Forest Park

Tourist Bus and Bus: take Route 1, 3, 6, 19, and 33 buses at Tonghua City Railway Station to reach the gate of New Station,  and change to take Route 4 bus (the earliest bus departs at 7:40 and returns at 15:00) to reach the gate of Baijifeng National Forest Park;

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