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Empress Xiaozhuang Ancestor Imperial Tomb(Grade AAA Tourist Attraction)
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Located at Changshan Village, Qianguo County, Songyuan City, Jilin Province, Empress Xiaozhuang Ancestor Imperial Tomb takes up 2.2 square kilometers, including water area of 1.4 square kilometers. The scenic area includes well-known “Investiture of Zhongqinwang Loyal Prince and Princess Stele” that is built by Zhongqinwang Zhaisang’s biggest grandson Heta according to the order issued by the Emperor Shundi, who also is a grandson of Zhongqinwang. The stele also is called “Mongolian and Manchu Stele” and “Kuli Stele” by locals because it is carved with both Mongolian and Manchu languages. The stele consists of stele inscription, stele body, and stele pedestal and is built with igneous rocks, 5.82 meters tall in total. The stele inscription and pedestal are light brown and the stele body is dark gray. The entire stele looks decent and magnificent, with rigorous sculpture, compact layout, fine carving, clear distinction between the important and the lesser, and very clever artistic treatment.

Related Service Information

Ticket Price: RMB 20 a person

Opening Time: 08:30 to 16:30

Parking: There is a free parking lot at the gate of the scenic area;

Traffic: There is a round-trip tourist bus routine between the City Passenger Station and Changshan Village;

Self-driving: Start from Changchun, drive along Hunchun-Ulan Hot speedway, and go by Nong’an County and Songyuan City to reach Changshan Village; it spends about two hours;

Contact Tel: 0438-2915490, 13843864288

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