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Saihantala Mongol Tribe (Grade AAA Tourist Attraction)
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Saihantala Mongol Tribe, five kilometers away from west of Chaganhua Town Government, Qian Gorlos Mongolian Autonomous County, is a leisure, tourism, and holiday tourist attraction integrating Mongolian diet and entertainment. Saihantala Mongol Tribe, on basis of unique grassland bestowed by nature and Mongolian folk customs, fully maintains the style of original Mongolian tribes. Saihantala Mongol Tribe consists of a 10,000-mu racetrack (1 mu = 667 square meters) and 33 various types of yurts covering a total building area of 1,800 square meters that can simultaneously bear 800 people in dining and accommodation. The main activities include horse racing, arrow shooting, wrestling, throwing, ox carts, grassland motorcycle show and competition.

Related Service Information

Ticket Price: free of charge

Opening Time: 08:30 to 16:30 in summer;

Parking: There are free parking lots at the scenic area;

Tourist Bus and Bus: Songyuan City Passenger Station opens bus routes to Chaganhua Town;


Route 1: start from Changchun, drive along Hunchun-Ulan Hot speedway, go by Nong’an County and Songyuan City to enter Daqing-Guangzhou speed way to the direction of Changling, and stop at Chaganhua Town;

Route 2: start from Changchun, drive along S106, and go by Changling County to enter G203, and stop at Chaganhua Town;

Contact Tel: 0438-2253456

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