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Qian’an Wonderful Mud Forest
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Qian’an Wonderful Mud Forest, a National Nature Reserve and National Geological Park, is located in west of Qian’an County, Songyuan City, 35 kilometers away from the urban area of the county and neighboring Dabusu Lake in west. Qian’an Wonderful Mud Forest looks imposing and is like a fortified castle, where the mud forest is like saw-teeth and wolf teeth and rare peaks stand everywhere. Crenels stretch, the shadow is like officers defend a city and prepared for a battle, and the shape is like wolf teeth, so locals call it “Wolf Teeth Dam”. “Wolf Teeth Dam” is 50 meters higher than the Lake Surface and 15 kilometers long from north to south, and takes up 58 square kilometers. In the scenic area, soil columns and mud forest are like saw-teeth, connect one by one, and lie north to south, which is known as “stone forest in south and mud forest in north”.

Related Service Information

Ticket Price: RMB 20 a person

Opening Time: 08:30 to 16:30

Parking: Tourist can enter the scenic area by vehicle, and there is an appointed parking place;

Contact Tel: 0438 – 8727512

Traffic: Songyuan City and Qian’an County open bus routes to the scenic area;

Self-driving: start from Changchun, drive along Hunchun-Ulan Hot speedway, and go by Nong’an County and Songyuan City to hit Dabusu Town, Qian’an County; it takes about 2.5 hours.

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