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YiTong volcanoes
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Yi Tong volcanoes are located in Manchu autonomous county, YiTong, just 65 kilometers away from Changchun, are a stretch of volcano community consists of 16 volcanoes. As a national nature reserve, these volcanoes are attracting geological scientists and visitors by its precious volcanic resources. Volcanic cluster is constituted by the Yinyi basalt pillars, most sections of pillars are polygon, some are like towers, and some form tower woods, placing yourself in engaged in tower woods, as if in a bizarre fantasy world, they just like blade, sword, crouching tiger and sleeping lion, the wonder of nature always make people show their respect.

YiTong volcanoes consist of Xijian hill, Dongjian Hill, Tuan Hill, Dagu Hill, Dongxiao Hill, Xiaogu Hill, Nanjian Hill, Mantou Hill, Moliqing Hill, Ma’an Hill, Hengxiao Hill etc.volcanoes, among them, the geomorphologic landscape of Xilei (or Xijian?) Hill, Moliqing Hill, Dagu Hill is rare in our country, which worth enjoying. There are also a large-scale volcanoes fracture caves, which are found in China for the first time.

China's first Manchu Folk Museum is also located in YiTong County. After having a taste of the natural charm of the volcano, you’d better learn about something about Manchu folk museum, and you will be deeply attracted by this wonderful place.

 Opening hours: around the clock
Address:  be located in Yi Tong Manchu Autonomous County
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Siping City is in the temperate monsoon zone, with distinct characteristics of continental climate, it has dry and windy spring, hot, humid and rainy summer, mild autumn, pleasantly cool autumn, long and cold winter. The city's annual average temperature is about 4 ~ 6 ℃. Precipitation in Siping is not only changes greatly between seasons, but also between different years. Annual precipitation is mainly concentrated during June to October. So, you’d better pay a trip in summer and autumn.
Railway: The railway in Siping extending in all directions, is an important transport hub in the Northeast, many important railways connected north and south go through Siping, such as Shanghai - Harbin, Beijing-Harbin.
Roads: In Siping City, road transport network is extending in all directions, Beijing-Harbin, Ji’an- Xilinhaote, Shenyang- Mingshui,Siping-Hunjiang four national roads and provincial roads running through all around. Highway: Siping City is located in the middle of Changchun-Shenyang Expressway, to Changchun, it will take1 hour and 20 minutes, to Shenyang, you need 1 hour 40 minutes.

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