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Herd Sentiment Valley Traveling Scenic Spot (Grade AAAA Tourist Attraction)
2011/04/18     Source:

Located at Yitong Manchu Autonomous County, Jilin Province, it is a high-level tourist attraction on basis of Shaman culture and integrating northern folk culture, ecological tourism, leisure, dining, and entertainment. The scenic area takes up 2 million square meters. The main attractions are Shaman Style Park, “Jiuqing Park” (Nine Love Park), “Qicai Valley” (Colorful Valley), etc. Shaman Style Park is a Shaman culture exhibition center with the richest contents and in the most perfect form in the world and is the theme of this tourist attraction.

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Ticket Price: RMB 30 a person; Shamanic ritual performances: RMB 30 a person;

Opening Time: 6:30 to 22:00

Parking: There is a 5,000-square meter parking lot;

Traffic: Yilong Speedway Passenger Station is 12 kilometers east from the scenic spot; Tel: 0434-4268909

Self-driving: drive along Changchun-Yingchengzi Speedway to reach Yitong exit, run 200 meters and turn left, and run six kilometers to go by Heidatun and Dongjiatun to reach Herd Sentiment Valley Traveling Scenic Spot;

Tourist Bus and Bus: take any vehicle at Yitong County urban area to run eastward for 11 kilometers (Dongjiatun, Xinsi Village, Yitong Town); the earliest bus departs at 6:00 and the latest bus ends at 17:00; RMB 3 a person

Contact Tel:0434---4457084



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