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Doongliao County Dragon Reservoir Tourism Resort
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Be located in Wulongbanjie River , a main tributary of the DongLiao River, 1.4 km south-east of the White Springs town in Liaoyuan City suburb, under the jurisdiction of Dongliao County, the Dragon Reservoir was completed in 2001, is designed to make flood control and water supply, is a water control project combined with tourism, aquaculture and other utilization. Since it was put into use, operational capacity of water supply up to 720 million tons / year, in terms of tourism development, twice tourism planning have been carried out, the first time in June 2001, Environmental Research and Design Institute, Dalian University of Technology was authorized to make overall planning and design; the second time in October 2007, by Urban and Rural Planning Design Institute of Northeast Normal University was authorized to make controlled detailed planning for an area of ​​2.16 square kilometers covering the Dragon Reservoir dam from the north and east and west mountain regions, and has been approved by experts, this detailed planning requires 2008 to 2010 as construction and implementation period, passenger capacity is 0.45 million passengers / year. Budget of construction investment is up to 121 million Yuan. Aquaculture annual output is 60 tons of commercial fish so far.

Dragon Reservoir Tourism Resort has been in the first overall planning framework since 2002, mainly focus of the tourism infrastructure, the construction of  projects and attractions, a reservoir shore waterside pavilion in eastern mountains, Yin Feng pavilion and ancient tombs site in West slopes bronze age, Longtan Temple, West Bank pavilion, tourist hotels and ecological catering park, road along the river from Baxia county to the scenic area, single-armed cable stayed bridge and road from the county to the scenic area, National Water Landscape Area attractions’ landmark door etc. scenery spots and infrastructure projects have been built. The scenic area was named the fifth "National Water Conservancy Scenic Area" in August 2005, and was evaluated as State 1A level scenic spot by Liaoyuan City Tourism Bureau in May 2008.

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