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Dongfeng Jiangcheng Forest Botanical Garden
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Located in 246 km sign of Siping-Baishan Road (303 National Road), the junction of Meihekou city and Dongfeng County, 2 km west of Dongfeng County, 9 km east of Meihekou downtown, extends in all directions, with convenient transportation, is a tourist destination with tourism, vacation, dining, entertainment and leisure as one. Here, you can see beautiful mountains and clean water, nice grass and flowers, wonderful pavilions, winding paths. Forest land, water and other cover 3.6 square kilometers. Water Park covers an area of ​​8 hectares, and there are cruise ships and boats. Path of 3 km is lying in the forest. There are more than 10 frame bridges, rainbow-shaped bridges, promenade bridge, the original secondary forest owns more than 100 thousand of planted forest plants; there is a large deer breeding base in the park, and a variety of wild animals living in the jungle; herbs, wild vegetables and a variety of plants are growing in the mountain; more than 30 species of wild fish are living in the lake. There are nine scenic spots: a pavilion, a water park, bridge adventure, a swimming pool, a deer farm, birds heaven, forest plants, etc..There are 60 hotel rooms which can contain 200 people.

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