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Fushou Palace (Longevity Palace)
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Fushou Palace is located at the bank of Liaohe River, south foot of Longshou Mountain (Dragon Head Mountain). Initiating construction in the 23rd year under the regime of Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu (1897), the palace is a well-known tourist attraction in Northeast China. Kuixing Building is the most major building of the palace, in which fairy statues enshrined are the most and largest bronze-paste statue among the world’s towers. The Taoist Pavilion at Kuixing Building is scattered along the mountain and is divided into five main halls to directly reach the mountain peak. The pavilion tops current tower-style buildings by scale and has no equal in the world. The pavilion adopts the Pagoda Tower architectural style in the Liao Dynasty and also integrates the fitment style in the Ming Dynasty, colored painting art in the Qing Dynasty, and painting and calligraphy by well-known artists. Kuixing Building is divided into nine stories. The tower is 69 meters high and the tower base’s diameter is 24 meters. The peripheral is marble balustrades, pillars are red, and the base is black bricks with relief sculpture. The overall building looks splendid in green and gold, grand and spectacular, and classical in design and conception, stands proudly in the earth, and integrates with mountains and waters and city buildings in Liaoyuan as one.

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Ticket Price:RMB 30 a person

Opening Time: 06:00 to 8:00

Parking: 100 parking seats

Contact Tel: 0437--3313575, 2993332

Website: www.kxl.org

Tourist Bus and Bus: Route 7 and 10 buses

Tourism Consultancy and Compliant Hotline: 0437-3511479

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