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Jilin Songhua Lake Scenic Area (Grade AAAA Tourist Attraction)
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Songhua Lake is located in north of Jilin City. The total length is above 180 kilometers, the water area is 3,620 square kilometers, the Lake District covers 550 square kilometers, the largest water storage capacity is 10.8 billion cubic meters, and the deepest point is 77.5 meters.  Equal to four Miyun Reservoirs in Beijing, the Songhua Lake can be compared with the Qiandao Lake and is a super-large manmade lake in China.

Songhua Lake mainly consists of nine scenery zones, Wuhu Island (Five Tiger Island), Wolong Pond (Crouching Dragon Pond), Fengwu Pond (Dancing Phoenix Pond), Shilong Wall (Stone Dragon Wall), Hailang Hill (Sea Wave Hill), Shuangfeng Ridge (Double Peak Ridge), Luotuo Peak (Camel Peak), Qingshan Hill (Green Hill), and North Heaven Gate. The lake is known to be the No. 1 summer resort lake in China and is as what Chinese well-known poet He Jingzhi described “the water in Songhua Lake is clearer than Three Gorges, and the forest here is beautiful than West Lake”.

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Ticket Price: Entrance Scenic Area, RMB 10 a person; Wuhu Island Scenic Area, RMB 15 a person (boat ticket: RMB 50 a person); Wolong Pond Scenic Area, RMB 20 a person (boat ticket: RMB 60 a person);

Opening Time: April to October

Parking: There are large-sized parking lots at East Dam and West Dam. The charges for large-, medium-, and small-sized vehicles are RMB 20 each, RMB 10 each, and RMB 5 each;

Traffic: It will take about 40 minutes drive from Songhua Lake Scenic Area to Jilin City urban area.

Self-driving:It will take about one hour and 20 minutes to drive from Changchun speedway to go by Jiutai City to reach the destination Jilin City; then get down from the speedway to drive along Yushan Road southward, go by Desheng Road Overpass, and North Street to reach Middle Songjiang Road, and go by Jilin Bridge, Jilin Street, and East Jifeng Road to reach the Songhua Lake Scenic Area;

Tourist Bus and Bus: Route 33 bus, once every five minutes, departs from Hada Home, Jilin City to directly reach Songhua Lake Scenic Area. The distance is about 20 kilometers. It will take about one hour, and the fare is RMB 3 a person;

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