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Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort (Grade AAAA Tourist Attraction)
2011/04/18     Source:

It is located at Beidahu Village, Yongji County, Jilin City, 56 kilometers away from Jilin City urban area and 141 kilometers away from Changchun City. Initiating in 1993, it currently is the largest-scale ski resort with the most advanced equipment and best natural resources in China, and is the most important skiing base and ice and snow swimming center in the nation.

Beidahu Ski Resort possesses unique heaven-bestowed wavy terrain and snow and ice resources. The location is surrounded by mountains in three directions. There are nine peaks with an altitude of 1,200 meters. Blocked by mountains, the wind force is small in winter, there is a good snow condition, and the snow period is long. The snowing starts from every October and ends at the beginning of next April. The effective skiing period lasts over 100 days. There are 13 alpine ski runs, with a total length of 12.5 kilometers, at the resort. The resort has introduced a 2,200-meter 6-person box-mode high-speed detachable cableway and one 1,000-meter 4-person lift-mode high-speed detachable cableway from world’s top cableway producer Austrian Doppelmayr and a global advanced snowmaking system to increase snowmaking capacity by 32 hectares.

Related Service Information

Ticket Price: RMB 20; skiing (including renting skis and sitting on cableway): from Monday to Friday, RMB 360 a person daily, RMB 200 a person for two hours, and RMB 270 a person for four hours; Saturday and Sunday: RMB 460 a person daily, RMB 230 a person for two hours, and RMB 320 a person for four hours;

Opening Time:  08:30 to 16:30 (the opening in evening depends on situation);

Parking: about 500 parking seats for free of charge;

Traffic: 53 kilometers away from Jilin City and 141 kilometers away from Changchun City, and 120 kilometers away from Longjia Airport by road;

Self-driving: Changchun - Changchun-Jilin Speedway – Jilin – intercity road – Kouqian – dedicated road – Beidahu resort;

Tourist Bus and Bus: Jilin City Chalu Village Passenger Station (one-way ticket, RMB 11 a person): Jilin-Beidahu (departs at 6:50 and 12;20), Beidahu-Jilin (departs at 6:50 and 14:00); Jilin Railway Station (one-way ticket, RMB 10 a person): Jilin-Beidahu (departs at 8:30), Beidahu-Jilin (departs at :15:30)

Contact Tel: 0432-64202168

Website: www.Beidahu ski.com

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