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Lafa Mountain National Forest Park (Grade AAAA Tourist Attraction)
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It is located in Jiaohe City, east of Jilin Province. Situated at the west foot of Changbai Mountain and the bank of Songhua Lake, the park covers a total area of 34,194 hectares. The main forest eco tourism products include “autumn fairy tale” Hongye Valley (Red Leaves Valley), “Kanto rare mountain” Lafa Mountain, “forest bath” Qingling, “mountain and water gallery” Songhua Lake, “Kanto Jiuzhai” Binghu Groove (Ice Lake Groove), “small Changbai Mountain” Laoye Ridge. Other charming tourism products include “classical food” Qingling fresh fish, “leisure park” Ailin Fishing Port, and “drift at Hongye Valley. Among them, Hongye Valley is the most unique tourist attraction in the forest park. The largest scale, most tree varieties, most charming color, best watching period, and most profound cultural heritage have attracted many domestic and foreign tourists.

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Ticket Price: in normal times, Lafa Mountain, Qingling Waterfall, Laoye Ridge, Binghu Groove, and Chashuling Valley Drift, RMB 50 a person, respectively; during “Red Leaves Festival” period, Hongye Valley and Qingling Waterfall, RMB 50 a person, respectively; Valley in Valley, RMB 30 a person; Valley outside Valley, RMB 20 a person; the specific ticket: RMB 100 a person;

Opening Time: 08:00 to 17:00

Parking: There are large-sized parking lots at each scenic spot of Lafa Mountain National Forest Park. The charges are RMB 15 each, RMB 20 each, and RMB 30 each depending on the size of vehicles.

Traffic: The forest park is 100 kilometers away from Jilin City, 200 kilometers away from Changchun City, and 170 kilometers away from Longjia Airport.

Self-driving: when starting from the direction of Changchun and Shenyang, get down from the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Speedway at the Jiaohe exit to reach Lafa Mountain and Laoye Ridge, and get down from the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Speedway at the Tiangang exit to reach Hongye Valley, Qingling, and Songhua Lake Scenic Area; when starting from the direction of Harbin, get down from Yushu-Jiangyuan road at the exit of Jiaohe New Area;

Tourist Bus and Bus: There are special tourist bus routes from Jiaohe City to each scenic area. Take Jiaohe-Jilin bus to get off at Jiefang Road Station to reach Hongye Valley;

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