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Guanma Karst Cave Scenic Area (Grade AA Tourist Attraction)
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It is the largest karst cave in Jilin Province and was formed about 300 million years ago. It is located in the Paleozoic Carboniferous strataarea and is an earth surface karst cave, with undulating topography and steep mountains. It is the outdoor scene shooting base of TV play “Flying Fox in Snow”. A newly-completed calligraphy stone tablet “Tang Song Dynasty Poems” that is written by Chinese hundred-year well-known calligrapher Yu Qianxi and engraved by many skilled craftsmen for half a year. It is a perfect combination of historical and cultural treasures, calligraphy, and carving and is called “China’s biggest eternal farewell”.

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Ticket Price: adults, RMB 40 a person; children, RMB 20 a person;

Opening Time: 08:00 to 17:00, May to October

Self-driving: It will take about one hour and 20 minutes to drive along the Changchun speedway, go by Shuangyang, and reach Yantongshan Village, Panshi City; it will take about one hour and 10 mintues to drive from Jilin City to go by Kouqian and Qucai River to reach Yantongshan Village;

Parking: There are about 100 free parking seats at the square within the Panshi City, Guanma Karst Cave Scenic Area;


Contact Tel:0432-65937111


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